It’s Free! on PlayStation Store for May 9th

It’s Free! on PlayStation Store for May 9th

Hang on, do you smell something? Oh nasty, it’s the wet fart of a super slim week of free stuff on the PlayStation Network. Sitting atop the dust pile is something that will definitely shift the sales numbers on Middle-earth: Shadow of War, 4K cutscenes for PlayStation 4 Pro machines.

This 4K Cinematic Pack renders cinematics at 4K resolution for the PlayStation®4 Pro. Experience the epic story of Baranor and the war for Mordor brought to life in breathtaking detail.

The only other freebie for the week of May 9th is another PlayStation Plus booster pack for Knights of Valour, the Three Kingdoms brawler that I waned off of last year. If you’re just coming to the free-to-play title though, you might as well grab this bundle, those free weapons really do help out in the early levels.

  • Silver Wings: Diao Chan’s exclusive purple class weapon.
  • Sickle Hook: Guan Yu’s exclusive purple class weapon.
  • Suckling Pig ×2: Restores HP by 40%.
  • Strategist’s Bag ×2: Randomly performs a magical skill.
  • Master Medicine ×2: Increases attack power by 30% for 15 seconds, not stackable.
  • Silver x50,000.

Here’s hoping the well hasn’t run totally dry in the lead up to E3 or these updates are going to be pretty mild for the next month and a half.

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