It Came From The Collection 12: The Pens (and notepads) of E3


EPISODE 12: The Pens (and notepads) of E3
It’s that time of the year, time to trot out the pens and notepads I picked up during E3 2000 and 2001. Back in those days wifi, laptops, and the concept of “going live” were super expensive, if not downright impossible from a trade show situation. Taking notes was still a fast way to capture details and thoughts to type up later.

As such, publishers were more than happy to keep their name fresh on your mind when you needed to jot something down, and that’s why I’ve got so damn many pens! Let’s check out the official PlayStation 2 pen and notebooks, a ridiculous little pad featuring Super Bombad Racing, and pens of every variety from Infogrames, Crave, Xicat, and E3 itself.

✨ About the Show 
In hopes of bringing something a little more unique to YouTube I started ‘It Came From The Collection‘ to chronicle the gaming ephemera I’ve amassed over the years: flyers and pamphlets, pre-order tchotchkes, toys, posters, and all kinds of marketing paperwork. Follow the series on my channel and check out more of my collection on Instagram.

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