It’s Free! on the PlayStation Store for July 25th!

It’s Free! on the PlayStation Store for July 25th!

Hi, welcome to the week of July 25th! How are you? No, really, how are you? Take your time because there isn’t a whole lot happening on the PlayStation Store this week.

If you were ever interested in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War but were enraged by their loot box scheme last year, you can now download a free demo knowing that you won’t run into any nagging pop-ups except the one to entice you to buy the full game.

Meanwhile, Koei Tecmo seems to be getting a little desperate for new players in DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round: Core Fighters. This week they’re offering up Raidou as a free character to PlayStation Plus members who download the free-to-play game. Could the end be far off for the fighting service, or is the team just heads-down making even skimpier outfits for the ladies?

It wouldn’t be a PSN update if there weren’t a free theme or Avatars and this week doesn’t disappoint. Grab the colorful Ice Cream Surfer Theme or a handful of Avatar icons from the equally colorful Slime Rancher (Boom Slime, Gold Slime, Pink Slime, The Tarr, Tabby Slime).

Oh yeah? That’s great to hear. No, seriously, I was totally paying attention. Now Grab ‘n Go!

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