Video Game actors cheat sheet

The first video game actor I remember becoming a fan of is Raphael Sbarge. His character in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Carth Onasi, was a slight crush for me and his voice acting played a great role in that. I never tried to find out who the actor was until I watched Shawn playing Mass Effect and heard that voice as Kaidan Alenko. That was also what got me interested in trying a game I might not have tried otherwise. Since then I look up all the video game actors I like. I follow them on social media if they have one and I follow them from game to game. Part of the problem is, my memory is getting worse for some trivial things like who played who in a video game, which in part may be because the face I put with the voice is not their own.

I kept thinking I should make myself a cheat sheet and I figured I would post it here in case anyone else finds it interesting, so bare with me for how selective I am about who is listed. If I have incorrect info please let me know. This will be on-going as I move through games. I will try to keep it alphabetical by actor’s first name for now. I am also breaking this up into multiple pages, so check the page links at the bottom to see the rest.

Ali Hillis: Liara T’Soni of Mass effect Series, Scout Lace Harding in Dragon Age Inquisition, Lightning Farron in various Final Fantasy games & much more. IMDB

Alix Wilton Regan: Female Inquisitor (option 1) in Dragon Age inquisition (Photo of my own character since it’s DIY), Samantha Traynor in Mass effect 3, Ser Cauthrien in Dragon Age Origins, Ser Mhairi in Dragon Age Origins Awakening and much more. IMDB

Brian Bloom: Dwyn & Leske in Dragon Age origins, Varric Tethras in Dragon Age series, Simon Atwell/Charr/Ratch/Darner Vosque in Mass Effect series and much more. IMDB Side note: I first knew him on As The World Turns from when I was a kid.

Dwight Schultz: Bodahn Feddic in Dragon Age series, Navigator Charles Pressly in Mass Effect. He was also on The A-Team & a bunch of Star Trek. IMDB

Eve Myles: Merrill in Dragon Age II, but you might know her from many tv shows such as Torchwood (also starring Gareth David-Lloyd) IMDB

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