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A Look at GameLuv in 2012

Now that my 2012 recap is out of the way let’s take a look at GameLuv. WordPress compiled a fancy page of stats for anyone running their Jetpack plugin revealing that the site had 23,000 views and 69 new posts in 2012. For a site where it’s basically just me posting about Achievements and very obscure games I think that’s pretty good.

The busiest day of the year was Monday, May 7th with 201 views, the majority of which were this post about crazy Bejweled Avatar gear. I can only imagine this is thanks to the Giant Bomb effect. At some point Ryan spotted someone’s Avatar wearing this insanely shiny Bejeweled outfit and it probably sent everyone running to Google and ultimately to GameLuv. I’m glad to be your Top Google Result for weird Avatar clothing!

Our most popular posts continued getting hits in 2012. The post I made about Skylanders just before it exploded onto toy store shelves is now up to nearly 4,800 cumulative views. Dana’s nostalgic post about The Ocean Hunter from July 2010 is nearly at 2,000 views. And for whatever reason my closing thoughts on Metal Gear Solid 4 continue to draw people to the site. Thankfully, the majority of visitors to GameLuv in 2012 landed on the homepage to read whatever the top ten posts were that day.

The only disappointing stat to me is that we only got about 18 comments after you rule out all my replies. I’m no good at starting or maintaining conversations and with people flitting from Twitter to Facebook to a dozen other social sites I guess it’s to be expected. Still, it’d be nice to have a few more back-and-forths with real people to counter all the Russian spam comments I delete.

Seeing almost double the visitors to GameLuv over 2011 makes me feel great. Even though my lofty goals of retiring from a fat GameLuv paycheck have never panned out it really helps keep me going. As Katy and I branch out into YouTube (where the real pennies are at!) you may see more videos posted but I’m sure GameLuv in 2013 will continue to feature dumb Achievements, weird old games and photos of things I bought on clearance. Now that I think about that, 23,000 views sounds miraculous. Thank you all so much for visiting the site!

Happy Fourth of July from Videogame Vacation, GameLuv & Fantavision!

A holiday tradition for me, I’ve played through Fantavision every Fourth of July since I finally picked the game up in 2004. This year I had the capture hardware to share it with you guys and so here’s a 4+ minute video that highlights each of the game’s eight stages set to one of the songs from its soundtrack.

There’s a lot more to see as the retro-future, FMV girl goes on a journey from Earth to visit her friends across the universe (!!) but that’ll have to wait for another video. Happy holiday to everyone, no matter if you’re celebrating Freedom, food, fireworks or just video games. Thanks for watching!

A long time coming: my own kind of video

You may or may not know about, the tumblr blog I started back in December to promote the stickers I’ve been schlepping for even longer. It hasn’t generated a single penny of income since 2006 and, in fact, I’ve spent way more on it than I’ve ever made. That’s especially true now after the recent purchase of Hauppauge’s HD-PVR video capture device that ran, oh, $200 or so.

I’ve wanted capture hardware again ever since my Snappy — a SCSI box that took 320×240 snapshots of composite inputs — stopped functioning around the time the world abandoned SCSI ports. I’ve also always been keen on the idea of “video postcards”, simple scenes of life playing out in front of a camera. Combine the two and that’s what I’m creating right now for Videogame Vacation.

It’ll wind up being a series of 17 videos from Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood (which I’m borrowing from Maxx) and I plan on posting a new scene every day in quality, 720p, direct-feed goodness. I turned out to not like the game so much but I do love looking at the world and watching its virtual populace pretend they’re really in Rome in the 16th century. I could watch even this one single video here endlessly

There’s much more in store after this excursion into Italy (like a wider variety of footage from many more games, I promise) and that can all happen much quicker with your help. Comment, link, reblog, buy a sticker. Let me know this isn’t all merely for my own self satisfaction and I’ll entertain you people for years. So here’s some links to follow along however you’d like:

Videogame is the site with the pretty views; not just of Brotherhood but videos, music and images from games throughout time. This is a link to only the Brotherhood  posts at Videogame Vacation and here’s the YouTube playlists for all of the Videogame Vacation videos as well as one for the expanding-by-the-day Brotherhood stuff. You can even follow GameLuv on Twitter and it’ll tweet out links when the videos go up. And if you’d like to support this ridiculous adventure with your local currency, there are loads of Mushroom Kingdom and Raccoon City stickers always on sale with new designs on the way… if I ever sell a dozen of the ones I’ve already got.

Thanks to everyone who happens to read this, I didn’t mean for this to come out like a pleading sob story.

See some gorgeous sights from E3 all week long

Ok you guys, I just spent the last hour whittling my wrists down to the sinew setting up four gorgeous posts a day from new E3 games. It’s all over at videogame vacation and it’ll roll out every four hours or so through Saturday.

And ya know, if you’re motivated by the effort you could always throw some support my way and buy a sticker… or two… or twelve. Meanwhile, I’m probably gonna start working on E3 posts for this site soon.

I’m Alive and probably ready to write about E3!

I could say that my recent silence here is due to me steeling myself for a huge and comprehensive E3 blowout; coverage of every major and minor sight and sound I can lay my eyes and ears on… but that’d be a lie. I’ve been kinda bummed out lately, just wanting to play some games after exponentially compounding bad days at work. I do, however, plan on writing up something(s) about the show and have already started my list of games to keep an eye on. Just an FYI, I’m not dead and posts will hopefully be coming!