Monthly Archive: October 2015

Happy Halloween! Here’s some Spooky Fun Music!

As I’ve done for quite a few years, I’m celebrating Halloween with a little bit of game music. This year I’ve been making quite a few holiday-appropriate posts for Original Sound Version and it’s resulted in my most elaborate Halloween production since the long-lost efforts of Hal10ween.

After you watch this video featuring some offbeat and spooky songs you can check out two of my favorite Castlevania remix albums, my review of the Spooky Bonus soundtrack, and Ryan’s “Game Soundtracks for Your Soul” post for which I whipped up the featured image.

Megaton Rainfall confirmed for PlayStation VR

YES! YES! YES! In the PlayStation VR sizzle reel just released from Sony’s conference at Paris Games Week you can see a few quick seconds of Megaton Rainfall. So that’s where the game has been hiding since January when I pegged it as one of my Top 20 IGF games.

For those that don’t remember Megaton Rainfall aims to be a first-person Superman simulator, allowing players to fly across the galaxy and right down into the massive cityscapes of a world invaded by gargantuan alien forces. The tech demo was impressive enough but doing all that in VR could make it one of the genre’s defining experiences. Basically, it means I’ll be getting PlayStation VR at some point. Check out this other video to get a better idea of what the game has in store.

There’s a Spelunker Z PlayStation Community… because I made one

Yes, of course I immediately tried to create a Spelunker Z community now that game-specific hubs have been added to PlayStation 4! Unfortunately, the U.S. PlayStation interface doesn’t know what “みんなでスペランカーZ” is so I couldn’t tie it to a game but I’m still here, ready to answer your questions about this obscure little platformer. So come join up, you probably won’t be hit with very many “new post” notifications from me.

In other Z-News, I’ve been spending my candies trying to win Perle the Cat and on the fourth try — with eyes clenched shut and having Katy prophesize “YOU GOT THE CAT” — I got the cat! There was much screaming and hollering and our real cat, Molly, immediately attacked Katy because she hates when Katy is happy. Now I have my own in-game cat who can hold down multiplayer switches and let me nab even more “lithograph eggs” in the levels.

Truly, it is a new era of Spelunker. Come and join us me!