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Casual Mania like Violent Passivism; Confusing

The gaming scene today is confused. Like an awkward teen wondering where all this hair is coming from, we’re in this place where kids are discovering games that are older than they are and senior citizens are picking up controllers for the first time in their lives. Easy mode is still hard. Your aunt is beating you at Farmville. Co-workers are sending you Game Room challenges. And something “casual” can still get cRaZee!

Really, that’s all I’m trying to point out here; Casual Mania seems like a perfectly insane name for a game. It’s innocent and inoffensive but ~WATCH OUT~ cause this DS cart comes packed with 4 laser-hot casual ga– wait, only four?! Looking pretty tame even by Facebook standards, Casual Mania features clones of the most popular play styles; Match Three, Hidden Object, Time Management and whatever you call Zuma with an overarching jigsaw puzzle that reveals pretty pictures as you play.

I guess it’s not a bad idea — copy the top sellers and put them all together in one package — and as we’ve seen time and again, it’s impossible to predict what will be the next “evergreen” top seller on a Nintendo platform. For anyone intrigued by the contradictory title, Casual Mania has just been rated by the ESRB and should be available within the next few months here in the U.S.

“Hardcore is the Niche” says PopCap Co-Founder, and he’s right

I meant to post this closer to that casual talk from last week but this is still good stuff. On the latest Gamers With Jobs conference call the gang had Jason Kapalka, one of the co-founders and creative director of PopCap Games on to talk about casual and core stuff. At about 46 minutes in he blew my head by saying that “everybody plays casual games [and] the real sub genre, the niche, is hardcore games… [it’s just] that the niche has been the dominant one in [gaming] for at least the last couple decades.”

It strikes me as one of those unsaid truths that we all have probably acknowledged but never really talked about, it was just mind blowing to hear someone say it aloud. I don’t have much else to add without some feedback so let’s talk it up in the comments. What do you think?

Plan It Green gives Gamers the Green Thumb


You may have scoffed a year ago when your eco-conscious neighbors were buying reusable bags and switching out their lightbulbs, but now it’s clear that Going Green isn’t just another fad. Doing their part to bring the green to gamers, Merscom and National Geographic have teamed up to release Plan It Green, a new PC game that combines the latest green tech with frantic casual sim gameplay. And who better to publish it than the masters of casual at Big Fish Games. Check out the full post over at NfamousGamers.com for more.

Done Playing: Sega Presents: Touch Darts (DS)

I didn’t grow up in the 60’s or attend a “real” college campus so my understanding of darts is a little skewed. I always thought the goal was to hit the bull’s eye with a single dart, grab the girl, start a bar fight and escape in a muscle car. Turns out, there’s more math involved than a high school geometry class.