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I’m Providing a Valuable Zombie Workout Service

You just don’t realize how much a game means to some people until it goes away. Running Delisted Games has brought all kinds of people to me, usually lamenting the loss of one of the hundreds of games I’ve dug into. It feels good to provide them a page to mourn the loss of a favorite game but sometimes I can go a little deeper.

I really didn’t know how many people regularly used and relied on Xbox Fitness until I got my first Delisted video online. People have been requesting uploads of specific workout and this past weekend I finally got everything recorded that I still have access to. Sadly, it isn’t much but I did get to record the 2-part Zombies workout. Yes, there are even zombies in fitness videos now.

It’s really peculiar. It feels like an FMV game — fitting, as it’s produced by SUMO Digital, the team behind the actual FMV game Intel Discovered — only you don’t have any control over how things happen. Instead, the team of survivors do a typical workout routine for a few minutes and then you repeat the sequences as they rush to a new safe location. It’s really something to see as the cast tries to apply burpees, walking push-ups and high jumps to zombie encounters.

Whether you exercise alongside them or not, those two videos in particular are worth queuing up sometime.

You can buy Joust again. I also started a new Site

Joust when you thought you’d never see the Midway arcade classic on Xbox again, Major Nelson confirms that it’s been been re-listed out of nowhere. Joust is once again available to buy on Xbox 360 and Xbox One for $4.99. I recorded a quick little video of the game running on Xbox One which you may notice isn’t on my personal YouTube channel.

Surprise! I started working on a new site back in March that officially launched on June 1st that’s all about delisted games. Not surprisingly, it’s DelistedGames.com. It all started with the delisted games I recorded last year and the commenters who repeatedly (frustratedly) asked why their games had disappeared. Beyond simply confirming that “[Name of Game] has been delisted” I wanted to compile as much information as I could on where the game came from, when it disappeared and why.


It’s been fun, enlightening research and it’s sent me into mysterious new areas of the internet to dig up licensing terms and copyright expiration dates. The site has come a long ways already with 90 games fully detailed and pages for over 100 more. While investigating older games I’ve kept the main page updated with new delistings and server shutdown announcements.

It’s become more of a Memorial to the Lost than the simple database I initially started with and I love it. Even bad games deserve to be remembered! So check it out if you’ve ever been curious about a game you lost or if you’re worried about one that might soon go away.

Gawp at the Smoldering Remains of PlayStation Mobile


If you were wondering what would happen to the PlayStation Mobile marketplace the day after its July 15th execution, all you need to do is look above. The “PlayStation Mobile” button remains on the Vita storefront (presumably until the next firmware update) but it only leads to this stripped down store page with some unceremonious text.

Thanks to everyone who developed, shopped and supported the PlayStation Mobile marketplace. It was fun and weird and probably not all that successful for anyone involved but it was great that it ever existed.

DELISTED: My attempt to keep some lost games alive


You know what’s a sad reality of modern gaming? Delisting. It seems naive now but I always felt that digital releases and downloadable games would make for a permanent history of gaming. Thanks to licensing deals and publisher liquidation, though, our games can disappear faster than any disc can die from bit rot.

I’ve been thinking about it for a year now and with more games dropping off their e-Mortal coils I decided to finally get this thing started. DELISTED is the name and I’m aiming to capture what I can of these no-longer-available titles in their original form. No cracking, no downloading ISOs (or whatever the digital equivalent is), no commentary.

This means a lot of Xbox 360 footage because I’ve already downloaded most trial games there and their web interface makes scouring my history painless. In each video I show the gameplay, options, Achievements and credits. I’ve also tried to identify why the game was delisted but in some cases it’s a behind-the-scenes mystery. Oh, and for posterity’s sake there’s no commentary from me; this is serious archival business.

The playlist is already growing with two new uploads coming each week in vaguely chronological order. And if this series get you all nostalgic for games long gone maybe you can dig them back up for yourself. I’ve posted two handy videos to show you how to get your own delisted games back on PlayStation Network and Xbox 360.

There’s loads of videos ahead for the series and, sadly, more to come as games continue to get delisted. They may be gone but I’m doing my best to make sure they aren’t lost.