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E3 Stragglers: I Am Alive

Well, well, well! Look who Joystiq found at E3; it’s Ubisoft’s mysterious and immensely intriguing disaster/survival game, I Am Alive. Actually, the only thing they found was a new trailer for the game that was first unveiled at E3 ’08 (!!) but at least some of this one looks like in-game footage. I really hope this one doesn’t get shuffled off to the trash bin because I love this stuff but I Am Alive is probably only just barely that.

E3 Stragglers: Kung Fu Rider (PlayStation Move)

The last time I heard anyone talk about Kung Fu Rider was at the Game Developers Conference back in March and it wasn’t pretty. Every new piece of hardware takes some time for developers to adjust to but Sony Japan apparently didn’t get around to applying later lessons with PlayStation Move to this glorified tech demo. The motion controls — requiring only the wand to play — are allegedly unintuitive and most of the actions are simple button presses.

All that aside, look at this! An overworked salary man and his scantily-clad secretary blast down bizarre roadways in Japan, dodging Yakuza thugs and picking up cash icons to make enough money to get the mob off their backs. All the while they’re jumping, grinding, dramatically dodging obstacles and even striking poses and hitting passers-by. I love the idea and presentation (reminds me of Incredible Crisis) but I’ll have to play it myself before deciding to buy. GameTrailers had a lame live demo but the only worthwhile details were that Kung Fu Rider will launch alongside PlayStation Move this September and that, sadly, it won’t be part of a pack-in game bundle. I fear that free may be the only price worth paying for this one but I’m still hopeful that it’s at least stupid fun.

2010: The Year Fitness Games Bust?

Even before the invention of Nintendo’s motion tracking Wii remote there have been plenty of people trying to put video games and fitness together. Yourself!Fitness on the original Xbox was one of our favorites but you could go back as far as the NES Power Pad and the Sega Activator as pioneering examples of getting gamers off their duffs. But the Wii changed everything, combining revolutionary motion tracking with a focus on the casual and family markets and everyone wanted in. Wii Fit, EA Sports Active, Jillian Michaels’ Pocket Trainer, and countless other titles featuring “famous” experts and celebrities have already come and gone.

With Sony and Microsoft getting into the motion tracking game this year with PlayStation Move and Kinect it was hard to find an E3 lineup without leotards, sweatbands, or overactive presenters. This all came to a head this morning when I spotted a press release for Get Fith with Mel B which, in its defense, sounds like a pretty big deal for the United Kingdom. Its unveiling at E3, which makes it sound more like Yourself!Fitness than a truly interactive workout, sent me on an hour-long quest to round up all the exergaming announced at the show this year.

It’s not as overwhelming as my headline makes it sound and there probably won’t be a year that everyone gives up on exer-play but I’m already getting a little tired of all the fitness and dancing coming to Kinect, Move and the overburdened Wii. That said, I know Katy will be all over EA Sports Active 2, all of us here at GameLuv are interested in Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, and I find myself strangely drawn to the breathing simulator that is Innergy. Hey, it’s got sweet art design and I’ll never be able to forget Joel McHale’s jokes about the pulse sensor. Any of these have you ready to move or is it just getting in the way of the good stuff like head tracking in Forza and The Fight?

E3 Stragglers: Bonk Brink of Extinction

Soooooo, did you know this game was totally announced and even shown last September!? I remember seeing the concept art/teaser image for it but, man, how did I miss seeing a for-real new Bonk game nearly a year ago? Anyways, Hudson had it at E3 in all its 3D-on-a-2D-plane glory and it looked a little bit like this.

Out to save the prehistoric world from a doomsday meteor, Bonk features a whole new single-player adventure, online co-op play, loads of collectibles and goodies to hunt for and an unexpected promise of DLC. No word (even from last September) on what that might be or how it’ll work. And though they say it’s a whole new adventure the press release still mentions crazed dinosaurs, lava stages, jungles, deserts and all the other stuff that pretty much made Bonk, Bonk. One thing that’s definitely new is Bonk’s stupid ice mohawk power-up (seen here) that lets him freeze enemies and presumably shatter them with a follow up bonking.

I can’t say I’m too excited about the new look, it really seems to lack the charm and character of the originals which is what has kept me playing them for years, but I’m willing to give it a chance; itt might just be fun to play. Bonk: Brink of Extinction missed its scheduled Q1 2010 release but it looks like the downloadable debut on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and WiiWare is now on track for a Fall launch.

The GameLuv Show goes to E3 2010!

Ok, so we didn’t really go to E3 but we were practically there from all the live blogs, news posts, streaming press conferences and other podcasts we took in. And since we haven’t played a whole lot in the last week we spend our time together on this episode talking up the highs, the lows, and everything in between from the show so far!

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