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E3 by Me3: Electronic Arts

That’s E3 by Me, Me, Me because all I’m doing is writing how I feel about the show. I’m not giving each company a “report card” and I’m not declaring that anybody “won E3”


Genuine or not, I was surprised and impressed by EA’s commitment to the community. The way they spoke about including and responding to gamers, influencers and eSports competitors says a lot about the mid-2010’s marketing focus, if not corporate culture itself. Goodbye old media — the magazines and blogs of the world — publishers are getting better and better at reaching directly to their players. If I, an ultra cynic of press talk, can almost be won over then the general public must be totally on board.

Games-wise they didn’t have much of anything for me beyond Mass Effect Andromeda which I’m super excited for but what more is there to say at this point? Titanfall 2 single-player could be a cool 8 hour campaign. Battlefield 1 looked impressive but I’ll probably never jump in unless it winds up being free somehow. There’s a million Star Wars games coming, at least some of which looked intriguing and awesome but are so far off.

And then there’s EA Originals. I’d rather see the return of EA Sports BIG as a sub-label but pushing more indie games into EA’s global spotlight isn’t a bad thing. I’m just not that excited by Fe. The game’s been shown as far back as October 2015 and while it looks pretty they didn’t use the stage time to confirm platform, release or even details on other EA Originals. It feels a little like Fe and Unravel 2 could be the only games released under the program or that new titles will be very far apart.

In the end, can we please have Peter Moore back as CEO? Seeing him front the UK stage was awesome and I wish he’d had more of a presence on the stream. Also, what’s up with PopCap? After the recent delistings and their near singular focus on Garden Warfare I’m wondering how much of the studio remains.

Stats! EA Rolls out N7 HQ, details your Mass Effect multiplayer career

Several things happened to me this year that I didn’t expect. I got into my first MMO, I got hooked on roguelikes and I spent a bunch of time playing Mass Effect 3’s Multiplayer mode. As I’m sure you know, I am not the multiplayer kind of gamer. I like stats, not leaderboards, so the whole “I got most kills” bragging stuff doesn’t entice to me. I didn’t play it for long (22 hours, apparently) but I did come to enjoy it until I got bored with the handful of maps and the repetitive waves of enemies. Oh, and the constant nudging to spend money on capsule toys full of junk.

I only bring it up today because EA has rolled out it’s stat-focused N7HQ site and I remembered my Origin login to get inside. I’m surprised I managed to rank so high; I’m usually in the millions on leaderboards and I haven’t touched the game in months. What you see here was the most interesting stuff but you can dig into your character roster, all the way down to your current multiplayer character skill trees. I tell ya, me and that Level 14 Female Sentinel had fun detonating tech armor and taking guys down with only a pistol and Warp.

Another bloom off the 3DS rose

So the public demos didn’t go so well and it barely seemed like it was a game and it was to feature a butterfly-winged tanuki… Well okay, when you put it that way I guess I can see why EA would spread the weed killer over My Garden and prune the plot into a FIFA pitch.

One of their few — and most original — Nintendo 3DS titles was just canned and along with it one of  my few reasons for getting a 3DS. A gardening sim sounds a lot more interesting to me than yet another iteration of Ocarina of Time or another crummy handheld version of The Sims. Ah well, I can always hold out for bohm.

E3 2010: The Third Parties – EA and Konami

I caught most all of the Electronic Arts, Konami and Ubisoft press conferences from E3, and in a timely manner no less, so here’s a little two-post roundup thing.

Electronic Arts
Clearly they aren’t speaking to me with this stuff. Besides the sports games which I’ve never cared about, Medal of Honor, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Dead Space 2 and The Sims all washed right over me. EA’s social network, Gun Club, seems cool but if it revolves around their online shooters it’s also a wash for me. I can’t wait to see what EA Sports Active 2 for Kinect is like, Crysis 2 and Bulletstorm are both right up my alley, and maybe I’d still get into APB if my PC can even run it. Of everything they showed, Criterion’s reboot of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (watch above) was the only game to ping my radar. And even that didn’t look all that fun, but it’s still early and they already nailed the exotic-cars-in-interesting-locations vibe of the original.

While I agree with the consensus that Konami’s presser was the “Train Wreck of the Show” I came out more excited for several of their games than I was going in. The localized version of Otomedius Excellent was a great surprise and I’ve always wanted to play a ‘-dius’ shooter that didn’t require importing a $90 cartridge. Adrenaline Misfits gets a pass only because there’s a slim chance that a kart-style racer might be fun using Kinect and I’m still open to Castlevania: Lords of Shadows somehow being fun.

What really won me over was Iga’s presentation of the other Castlevania, Harmony of Despair but I talked about that already. Metal Gear Solid Rising looked zan-tastically datsu-m (sorry) with controller-based sword play that seems more precise and fun than all that cludgy junk on the Wii! A break from the traditional Metal Gear Solid gameplay while still getting to hang out in that world seems perfectly timed for me. I wasn’t all that crazy about Ninety-Nine Nights 3 before but after Tak Fujii’s awkwardly casual intro and his fantastic dreadlocks I’m willing to support anything the guy does. But even his play for applause wasn’t as uncomfortable as the DanceMasters presentation.

DDR Producer, Naoki Maeda and Thomas Nagano pretty much pretended to play the game as a video of it was displayed on the screen in front of them. At several points you see shots of them in the game and they’re wearing different clothes than they are on stage! They did let people play it on the show floor so I’ll forgive the deception but mostly because Naoki is amazing engrish man (VERY EX’CISE!!) and I never got to play ParaParaParadise.