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Machete + Twitter = PlayStation 2 games!

Ever late to the party, I just recently watched Robert Rodriguez’s fantasy/violence/grindhouse/ole-ole-ole flick, Machete. Towards the end the “heroes” come rolling onto the scene in lowriders with hydraulics and turbo chargers that turn out to be missile launchers. There’s even a scene of extreme hydro-violence where a car hops up and smashes down on a vigilante border guard, splattering him all over the pavement. In the span of these scenes my memory randomly whirred into action and asked: do people even still put hydraulics in their cars?

The answer is irrelevant because that lone neuron took another u-turn which led to Twitter where @PeterSkerritt has been chronicling his PlayStation 2 finds lately. The hydros and the tweets collided and by the time the movie ended I was e-mailing a random Amazon seller to find out if their copy of Lowrider included a case or not. Seven dollars later the game I once followed through development and localization at qWirkGames.com was finally mine. I rented it around the time of its release but never gave it much of a chance. I was planning on picking it up cheap and in pristine condition after no one rented it and it was sold off but… I just never did.

And now we’re at the awkward part of this post I’ve been dreading. I still haven’t played the game! This is where I would’ve had a video or some kind of impressions but I admit I have yet to load Lowrider up. I’ll get to it one of these days, I promise, and you’ll hear more about it than you probably ever thought you would in 2011.


Happy Fourth of July from Videogame Vacation, GameLuv & Fantavision!

A holiday tradition for me, I’ve played through Fantavision every Fourth of July since I finally picked the game up in 2004. This year I had the capture hardware to share it with you guys and so here’s a 4+ minute video that highlights each of the game’s eight stages set to one of the songs from its soundtrack.

There’s a lot more to see as the retro-future, FMV girl goes on a journey from Earth to visit her friends across the universe (!!) but that’ll have to wait for another video. Happy holiday to everyone, no matter if you’re celebrating Freedom, food, fireworks or just video games. Thanks for watching!

An Evening with Lifeline

Friday night we started out playing Dance on Broadway that Katy and I were genuinely interested in but after it wound up being a big bummer we worked our way back through Karaoke Revolution on PlayStation 2 and I somehow ended up finally playing 2004’s Lifeline for the very first time. Watch a good half hour’s worth of early game madness as I try to tell a space waitress how to shoot poop slugs with a handgun. I’d really like to play more of this some day… when there aren’t any other games left to play. That includes N3II.

GTA scams out of control in Syrian game market


You think consumers here in the U.S. have it tough with shovelware like Imagine Noun and cheap movie tie-ins? Check out some of the counterfeit games that shoppers in Syria have to watch out for. It didn’t translate well from Syrian into Norweigian and then into Google English but it seems that torrents and online piracy aren’t the big problem in Syria’s gaming market. Unscrupulous scam shops are sticking any and every property they can download an image of onto Grand Theft Auto cover art in hopes of suckering stunned gamers into parting with some cash. Chances are, trying to return one of these “games” when you realize it’s nothing but a VCD of Air Bud will likely get you a swift hammer strike to the skull. Buyer beware. But seriously, an Arabic GTA? I’m so down with that!

On the Beat: Gitaroo Man & Rhythm Heaven PodShot

Maxx and Shawn gush over a timeless classic, Gitaroo Man, taking you on an audio journey through the game (with music!). We also talk about the new DS game, Rhythm Heaven. It’s only an hour, what’re you doing right now? C’mon, listen!