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So I won a weird, old Japanese game from Raptr!

Typically I’m the one who finds out about some contest or freebie long after the offer has lapsed. I blurt out my favorite movie quote on twitter or post a comment about how I’d love to win an Avocado Slamwich from Subway and THEN realize, oh, it’s over. But yesterday I managed to hop on a Raptr Reward in time to redeem the code (nevermind that image).

The free mystery PSone download codes were fronted by MonkeyPaw Games who most recently brought one of my favorites back to life on PSN: Tomba!. I was hoping my code would reveal a free copy of Tomba! but instead I got Kyuiin… oh. Of all the games that the codes could potentially have been for I got the one game I had never, ever heard of.

A side-scrolling shooter starring kids who are sucked into a fantasy book to save a fairy land from a bad dream, the pair ride the skies on the backs of vacuum cleaners. I think the vacuums may be sentient as well, I dunno, it’s all in Japanese! The game itself is kinda neat, encouraging you to stop firing so much, get in close and let your dancing vacuum hose suck up enemies. This refills a super shot meter which handily manages the enemies and bullets on screen but gets you no points for whatever it kills. It’s a surprisingly well designed system that I wasn’t expecting from what looked like ‘My First Shooter’.

Maybe I’ll post more about it at some point but redeeming the code and firing up the PS3 reminded me that this is the week for free episodes of The Walking Dead for PS+ members so I jumped over to that after a few rounds with Kyuiin. Tomba! or Yakiniku Bugyou or even Chou Aniki would’ve been great but I’m really happy to have won something peculiar and Japanese from MonkeyPaw and Raptr, thanks guys!

This is why I love Katy

katyreviewWhy do I even bother with word counts? This review could be posted to Twitter in triplicate! Katy’s definitely got a way with teh werds.

Raptr.com makes Your gaming habits more social


I don’t know why I never mentioned Raptr before but there’s even more to talk about now that I finally have. I think it was billed as a Facebook for gamers but regardless of how you describe it, the site lets you track your gaming trends and now gives you even more games to add to your library and more metrics on what kind of gamer you are.

It’s something I’ve been thinking about recently and I’m excited to see Raptr add compatibility rankings between users and a genre chart that visually shows what kinds of games you lean towards. Me? I haven’t gotten all my games in their system yet but so far I’m a huge Action guy with strong inclinations towards Strategy and Racing with a minor in Casual and Adventure/RPG. So how do you tell Raptr what you’ve played? Using their browse and search pages you can skim through massive lists of games on most every console going back to the 2600 and simply click ‘Add Game’ as well as give it a five-star rating and even type up a review. You’ve likely done this at one site or another over the years but Raptr takes some of the tedium out of re-ranking your game collection.

If you link up your Xbox Live account the site will automatically add every game you’ve ever played on Xbox 360 as well as keep a running total of hours played for each game. The time tally is a Raptr exclusive so it’ll only start adding up the minutes once you link up your account, but thanks to Xbox Live’s tracking services Raptr will also keep your profile alive with gameplay updates, Achievement unlocks, and a Now Playing status. You can also plug in your Wii Friend Code and PlayStation Network name as well as your Xfire, Steam, Guitar Hero, and Spore details. And for those MMO-ers out there you can link up multiple characters from both Warhammer and World of Warcraft.

Raptr goes both ways too, letting you cross post your gaming status and achievements across Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed, Plurk, and even more services using Ping.fm. You can check out the Raptr community and update your profile from the site or download an Adobe AIR desktop client that lets you instant message your Raptr friends and keeps your PC games up-to-date (and in your live profile) by searching out patches. It’s a pretty comprehensive platform and with the new features and tweaks I’m excited about it all over again. Check out our profiles (Shawn, Katy, Auritech) and friend us already!