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An Update on PDP’s Universal Remote for PlayStation 4

I immediately picked up PDP’s PlayStation 4 Media Remote when it was released back at the end of October. It had some unique issues, one of which blocked me from reprogramming one of the devices after I’d set it incorrectly. I contacted PDP to see if there was a way to factory reset it and they surprised me with the offer of a replacement.

It finally arrived last week and I’m happy to say the updated firmware fixed one of my two major complaints. The “volume punch through” which allows the remote to control the volume of a specified device — in my case, the soundbar — is now functional. My biggest complaint, however, is that the thing shuts off its Bluetooth connection after about 20 minutes and requires several seconds to wake up. It’s fine for flitting through YouTube clips but for a movie it means waiting around in order to pause. That just seems wrong.

Overall, though, it’s still the best offering for PlayStation 4 outside of Logitech’s expensive Harmony line. Take a look above to see the new remote in action.

Oh yeah, I got that PlayStation 4 Universal Media Remote

I forgot to pass this one along when I recorded this video last week. I got the PlayStation 4 Universal Media Remote and while it is totally not universal, it’s still handy, with a few caveats. My Vizio soundbar isn’t fully supported and the Volume Punch Through feature (where the volume buttons always control a specified device) is still not working correctly. The remote also shuts itself off after 20 minutes making emergency volume control a concern. And YouTube isn’t supported. BUT!

Despite all those problems this remote is going to prolong the charge and life of my controller batteries and allow me to watch video without the glaring blue lightbar illuminating the coffee table and couch all night. Is that worth $30? That’s ultimately for you to decide for yourself. Me? I love these console remote controls, always have.