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City of Gold or Bust: I may start recording Spelunky soon


I meant to play more OlliOlli yesterday but as with all platforms that support it, I usually just end up playing Spelunky whenever I turn on the Vita. Starting and stopping is never a good way to play through the game but as work interrupted my run spanned most of the afternoon. By 3:50 I had somehow managed to put all the pieces together to maybe, possibly get to the City of Gold.

Having beaten Olmec and explored the secret environments, the City of Gold has been my next big goal for over a year. I don’t always try to make it happen but yesterday it was the only thing I was playing for, and I did it! I got the Udjat Eye, I had $75,000 by the time I reached the Black Market to buy the Ankh, I sacrificed myself at the Moai to get the Hedjet, I defeated Anubis to get his Scepter and I managed to unlock the door.

Inside was a glistening level where all surfaces and even the enemies shimmer with… oh, I’m dead. In typical Spelunky fashion I died pretty much straightaway but I did get the PSN Trophy (and this screenshot) to prove I finally made it. I’ve been thinking about recording a couple sessions with the game and focusing on the City of Gold; it’s at least a little different from the flood of Spelunky videos out there. So keep an eye on my YouTube channel if you’re a Spelunky fan, there may be some videos soon.

Achieving: A Rogue’s Tale from Spelunky

This is why I love roguelikes and especially Spelunky! I start a fresh game in the Mines, find the Udjat Eye which guides me to the Black Market once I make it to the Jungle where I could buy the Ankh which grants an unheard of second life! I’m a few thousand bucks short for the $50,000 Ankh so I carefully bomb my way around the numerous shopkeepers to get some extra jewels and gold nuggets out of the terrain. The last nugget I need is all the way on the far side of the level and my final bomb sends the shopkeepers on a rampage.

Jumping and blasting like maniacs, branding me a terrorist, they all either kill themselves on the Tiki Trap spikes or bound themselves into a small alcove… where the Ankh is. I carefully run around to the shops to loot the abandoned items and see if the coast is clear and that’s about the time a chill runs up my spine. Oh no, the Ghost is coming! I head back towards the Ankh as he appears right there on the edge of the screen and chuck four bombs into the Enraged Shopkeeper hole. It’s somehow enough to kill them all and I drop in to touch the Ankh as the ghost closes in just pixels away.

I book it back around to the exit, taking a hit from a shopkeeper but somehow avoiding certain death from another. I duck inside the exit and check to make sure “stealing” the Ankh counted for the Achievement. It did! Splendid, now I’ve got two lives and — as soon as my mind starts reeling with the possibilities I’m hit at the next exit by a patrolling shopkeeper which wastes my extra life and killed in a totally forgettable fashion shortly after. That’s how these games go; dizzying, miraculous highs followed almost immediately by crushing lows. But man, I gotta get that high again!

Achieving: Tales of Pointless Self Reward in Games retold in brief posts whenever we feel like it.

I don’t really wanna play this…

Hey, it’s Katy…remember me?

I am very selective about what I will play.  I used to play everything, but sometimes I just can’t tolerate having to try the same level over 20 times or doing puzzles to open a door or dying because I didn’t hit A at the exact time to jump.  Shawn will ask me to try a game or play a game with him and I flat out say no.  He doesn’t ask as often anymore because he just knows now.  I feel bad, and I long for my inner gamer that could spend that kind of time without getting really really angry or feeling like I could be doing or playing something else.

All that above is NOT why I started a new Youtube series called “I don’t really wanna play this,” but it is part of it.

Toward the end of October the game Style Savvy Trendsetters came out on Nintendo 3DS.  I loved the first game that I had found super cheap on clearance and had to have the new one.  I had a friend from out of town hooked on the first game too and she was sad the sequel wouldn’t work on her regular DS.  I decided to record a few videos of what the game play was like for her,  I stuck it on Youtube and sent her a link.   Next thing I know I have people subscribing and commenting telling me to make more.  O_o

My friend didn’t end up getting to watch more than the first video, but 86 Style Savvy Trendsetters game play videos later I might actually get paid by YouTube some day. I gained 100+ subscribers, have some regular commenters that I also swapnote game pics with and all because I record a game I am playing anyways.

So now that I am hooked, I want to put everything on YouTube where I could possibly get revenue.  Playing the games I like is one thing, playing games I don’t want to sounds like it could be funny.  Shawn and I have recorded a few already, please check them out.

If you are curious, Style Savvy Trendsetters game play videos playlist