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You may all rest easy, my Virtual Hydlide videos are back

Being unemployed has its perks afterall! Like giving me time to re-upload and edit my 2014 playthroughs of Virtual Hydlide on the Sega Saturn. That’s right, playthroughs, as in more than one. You can watch the game on Easy or Hard difficulty and ultimately take a peek at Pro Mode… although it’s pretty disappointing after playing the game through twice.

If you find yourself loving the game’s dramatic MIDI soundtrack but hate all my yammering, don’t worry! I’ve also re-uploaded my videOST for the game, featuring all the music with none of the annoying thirtysomething banter. Watch and listen here.

Yes, I’m posting about Dead Star again (the music this time)

Alright, alright, I think this is my final post about Dead Star. After recording some final rounds and the tutorial with the default volume mix I went back to capture what I could of the game’s great, but short, soundtrack. Unfortunately, there was no way to access the Escape Run mode after the servers went offline so there are a couple of tracks we may never hear again without YouTube commentary and sound effects blaring.

What I was able to grab were seven tracks including the theme song that’s most familiar to players as it swelled and simmered in the background of all the menus. There are four in-game themes that were tied to several of the different maps. For those I simply named them after the first map I encountered them in. A little more on the subtle side are the Training theme and the Credits music that dial down the pomp of the main theme.

As a videOST I edited each track to some footage from the game, mostly me performing poorly against max leveled veteran players in the final days of the game. Take a listen above or load up the playlist or rip the music from the videos… whatever it is you kids do to listen to music these days.

Watch, Listen and Reminisce About Boulder Dash

Ever since Giant Bomb did that Quick Look of Boulder Dash: 30th Anniversary I’ve been feeling the feels for the Atari PC and NES versions that my sister and I used to play. It’s taken way longer than I planned but I finally finished a new videOST series for the game’s soundtrack and recorded a little session with the game full of stories and memories. I also managed to finish the game without an excessive amount of cheating. It’s the first time I can remember ever seeing (and hearing) the ending!