Thanks for taking a look at GameLuv’s past! The site has been around since 2006 and has changed designs and databases more than once. Unfortunately, a lot of those really old posts are missing images and embeds but by 2008 things were fairly well in place.

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Directly below is a colorful slider of our most recent posts and below that is a roundup of some of our features from over the years.

Our Features

Over the years we’ve started, stopped, relaunched and abandoned all kinds of weekly features. For one reason or another it just wasn’t working out or, like a phoenix, it’s simply waiting to make its glorious return to the homepage. Instead of randomly digging through tags and categories, I thought I’d make this section to gather some of the longer-running ones.

Skyevlyn’s Gaming Heaps (6 Posts and Counting)

A new friend appears, and she’s hungry for lists! If you’ve had very specific needs for very specific collections, take a look at her posts because she may have done the hard work for you.

Promo Man: The Art and History of Video Game Marketing (12 Posts)

I’ve always been a bit of a packrat when it comes to video game ephemera. Unfortunately, I’ve also fallen victim to my intermittent inclinations to downsize my life. I’ve lost a lot of great things over the decades but I did eventually start scanning them before canning them.

These 12 posts aren’t much but there’s also my fairly large Flickr album and, more recently, my work on It Came From the Collection to supplement.

The GameLuv Show (81 Posts)
Currently, umm, On Hiatus… maybe probably forever.
 They started as short, impromptu talks called PodShots but we wound up just doing the traditional “whatcha been playing” format which easily got sidetracked into all kinds of nostalgic yammering or topical debate.

Unfortunately, Talkshoe took our show down for inactivity and right now the episodes only exist somewhere on my hard drive.

Beats Go On (17 Posts)
“hey, wouldn’t it be great if a game could take the beat or lyrics of a song and turn it into a game?” With the advent of more powerful hardware this groundbreaking experience is now miraculously portable and with the PSP’s RSS Channel feature it is suddenly possible for people like little ol’ me to provide everyone with an ongoing stream of new music to play.

Like the podcast, these files are no longer on the site but I’m happy to say you can still grab whatever songs you want and throw them at Beats on a PSP or even a Vita.

Name of the Game (20 Posts)
Every Tuesday once in a while we’ll post a cryptically cropped image from a game. Take a guess, roll over the image for the answer and leave a comment about the game. Did you like it? Hate it? Ever finish it? Purchase a rare mint, boxed copy? C’mon, let’s reminisce.

I’m happy to say that this old idea of mine has been modernized with the fantastic site GuessThe.Game.