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Because I can’t not do it, I’m back on YouTube!

Because I can't not do it, I'm back on YouTube!

Try as they may, YouTube will not stop me and my dumb videos! Way back in February some unfortunate mishaps played out and my original channel of 13 years was flagged for obliteration. I sat in the smoldering aftermath of it for pretty much the entire year, too crushed to try and pick up the pieces. One of those crazy Speed Racer kids even asked me multiple times what I was going to do but I could only deflect with “there’s just not enough time right now” and “I’d love to but…”.

Life went on, I changed jobs, we bought a house, but the loss of those videos has never stopped weighing on me. YouTube channels about video games are cheaper than a dime a dozen but I had some unique stuff on there. Moreover, I always appreciated when someone would comment that they couldn’t find a game or song or scene until I uploaded it. I was helping people in my awkward little, game-specific way and I want that back!


And so it finally is! Well, it’s getting there. Re-uploading over a decade of videos is going to take some time but I’ve started with the most popular and most unique stuff first: 

Dinosaur Hunting ✔️
Speed Racer: The Videogame ✔️
Super Bombad Racing videOST ✔️
Rare PlayStation Vita soundtracks ✔️

My gargantuan playthrough of R-Type Command is currently going up, one episode a day, from now through February (!!) and I’ll be peppering in shorter series and original content as often as I can. I don’t want to fill up anyone’s YouTube feed with constant posts so the best bet may be to check out my playlists page to see if your favorite thing is back up. Of course, I’d love it if you subscribed so I could one day get back to making some money, but if you find something fun, useful, or totally obscure, that’s more than enough satisfaction for me.

Thanks, as always, for taking a look!

Cooking Mama physical art-tech by Constance Ye

Some days you can’t be happier about the people you follow on Twitter because they add great stuff to your feed.  That’s how I found out about this project Constance Ye is working on!  Connie is an undergraduate student, studying Computer Science and Fine Art at Carnegie Mellon University.  She’s working on this awesome gaming art-tech featuring Cooking Mama where you can physically prepare foods along with the game.  Check out the video below or go to the whole Twitter thread here.

To see more of what Constance has created check out her blog at connieye.com and also her Github about this project.

An old Xbox 360 Dashboard could conceal your console’s Serial Number

I absolutely love this admission from behind the impenetrable iron curtain of Xbox 360 era Microsoft. It comes from Twitter user @Cullen who is (or was) an engineer working on the 360. The tweet speaks for itself but in the numerous replies he adds a few more details: this was only happening as late as 2010 and was implemented to identify folks leaking games and features who had signed a non-disclosure agreement.

As a fan of visualizers and mesmerizing animation, I think it’s just great that we potentially had our own unique display of rings alongside our customizable Avatars and Themes, and didn’t even know it. It’s this era of Xbox I miss the most, when ideas like streaming trivia game shows, the curated Summer of Arcade, and dedicated apps for self-identified women were happening all the time.

I look forward to more stories of clandestine engineering amid the 7th Console Generation seeping out over the coming years!

It’s Free! on the PlayStation Store for August 8th!

It’s Free! on the PlayStation Store for August 8th!

hope you like playing free demos because there’s quite a few of them on the PlayStation Store for the week of August 7th! The idea of an adventure platformer mixed with pinball gameplay might sound weird on paper so Team17 has released a demo for last month’s indie darling, Yoku’s Island Adventure. Sega has a new demo out as well for Valkyria Chronicles 4 in hopes that you’ll take the plunge and pre-order ahead of its September release.

Lastly, Spike Chunsoft has a demo of 428: Shibuya Scramble, the PlayStation 4 port of their very, very old visual novel that goes all the way back to 2008. Call it a 10th Anniversary Edition of this peculiar visual novel title that originally hit the Wii, PlayStation Portable, iOS, and Android. This latest iteration will be out on PlayStation 4 and PC in September.

Elsewhere we’ve got goodies for a handful of games including, umm, one that isn’t out for another week. TerraTech has been kicking around Steam Early Access since 2015 but you can grab a free pack of skins ahead of its console debut on the 13th, unless they pull it down as this appears to be a premature release. There’s another console debut this week — a totally legit one — in the form of Daybreak Games’ H1Z1 and you can grab a PlayStation Plus Launch Bundle if you’re a subscriber to decorate your character with a flashy backpack. Lastly, Trove is back with another monthly Blocky Bonus for PlayStation Plus members: the Bounding Bundt Cake.

Rounding out the week are a handful of free Avatar icons from ResetEra with a matching, flashy dynamic theme and a static theme featuring Smite, in case you forgot it was still a game.

Grab ‘n Go gang!

It Came From The Collection 17: Atari Game Program Catalogs (1981-1982)

These are some of the oldest pieces of paper I own! Two Atari catalogs from 1981 and 1982 showcasing some fantastic art and an array of current and upcoming games. If you want to see even bigger versions of this art, check out the Art of Atari books, they’re massive and filled with loads of history on the artists and designs.

✨ About the Show 
In hopes of bringing something a little more unique to YouTube I started ‘It Came From The Collection‘ to chronicle the gaming ephemera I’ve amassed over the years: flyers and pamphlets, pre-order tchotchkes, toys, posters, and all kinds of marketing paperwork. Follow the series on my channel and check out more of my collection on Instagram.