Way too many tempting Super Mario treats are coming to Japan from Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins is going way too hard with this end-of-summer promo in Japan! There are so many Super Mario themed items to check out at their shops between September and October 1st but two of them in particular are just πŸ’―πŸ‘Œ. 

First there’s the Super Mario Sundae which is just a typical cup of ice cream with some edible embellishments stuck in the whipped cream topping. But then they put it in a reusable plastic warp pipe and it’s gimme-gimme grabby hands all of a sudden. As they suggest, I’d love to reuse it as a pencil cup or maybe shove some other Mario plushies in it to display.

I thought the warp pipe cup was going to be the highlight but then I kept scrolling. These maniacs will sell you an 8-pack of plastic Yoshi eggs with ice cream scoops of your choice and stickers to tell them apart. It even comes with a reusable Yoshi bag that zips up into an egg-shaped pouch! Like the warp pipe, the eggs are sturdy enough to be reused and I assume they have a flat bottom so they won’t roll off the table since they’re intended to be ice cream bowls. I don’t know what I would do with them but I want them all the same.

Ok, bonus post-script, limited edition item: there’s a small quantity of six-slice ice cream cakes to go around featuring eight different flavors, some of which “can be enjoyed only with cakes”. The luxurious looking thing is delivered in a big yellow Question Block box for the proverbial (and literal) icing on the cake.

UPDATE 09/01/23: Impress Game Watch ran out and bought the Mario Sundae and the Yoshi eggs. There are a few more photos here if anyone else is loving these like I am.

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