Bring the Fallout Amazon TV show into your Fallout 4 game!

When we were most of the way through watching season 1 of Fallout I checked to see what Fallout games I already owned on my computer. Turns out I owned all except 4, which I quickly remedied when Steam had it on sale a week or so ago. I started playing 4, then wondered if I was missing out not starting with an older game. A web search and asking Shawn, turned up that most prefer Fallout 3. I had gotten Fallout 3 as well as other older games free on Epic. I was unable to click “New Game” without it crashing to the desktop despite trying all the suggestions I found online to solve that. I eventually gave up and went back to Fallout 4.

Discussing Fallout 4 and Fallout games in general during my Twitch stream had my chatters discussing game mods. I thought I’d better see what I might be missing and the first thing that caught my eye was adding aspects of the tv show into your game. Here are some options you could try if you’re in the mood.

Add the likeness of Lucy Maclean played by Ella Purnell and Cooper Howard/Ghoul played by Walton Goggins to your game, there are a few to choose from. Here’s Lucy & Cooper from the images below.

Lucy mod creation compared to tv show
Cooper and Ghoul mod creation compared to tv show

Maybe you want a little more for your Lucy character in the form of the Vault 33 jumpsuit or just a jumpsuit like the tv show version.

Mod created Vault 33 jumpsuit compared to tv show

Add a Vault-Tec backpack from Vault 33 and a retexture of the Pip-Boy to make it look like the die cast one from the show and you have a complete package!

Vault 33 Vault-Tec backpack and Pip-Boy styled like the tv show

How about a set of billboards with Cooper Howard like the one seen below?

Cooper Howard billboards

There are also some options for changing out the loading screen image to show promotional pictures like this one.

Maximus, Ghoul, Lucy, and Dogmeat promotional image from tv show

I’m a jumpy person and Fallout 4 does make me scream a bit when I don’t expect to be attacked by feral ghouls. I plan to keep playing for now! Good to know there are mods to alter the game to suit my needs.

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