Just a couple neat Famicom Disk System things from Japan

One of the things I wanted to pick up when we were in Japan was a Famicom Disk System game. Not one in particular and not some expensive or rare heavy hitter, just A Disk System game. I don’t even own a Famicom, let alone the add-on Disk System itself so why spend a lot on a game I can’t even play that I don’t have childhood nostalgia for?

Fortunately, in the mad dash that we made through Akihabara I spotted a relatively cheap $15 copy of Ultraman Club: Chikyuu Dakkan Sakusen. I like Ultraman and it even turned out to be complete-in-box with everything down to its original outer packaging and a little warning card about unplugging the Disk System when not in use.

But had we gotten to visit Nintendo Store TOKYO I would’ve been happy enough to pick up one of these Disk System keychains. Not only do they look like the genuine article, the floppy disk innards have been replaced with a slot for an NFC-enabled card. Now you can slap a big, bright, happy yellow FDS disk onto the reader at the subway station instead of your boring Suica or ICOCA card. It’s nerdy and practical. Brilliant!

I didn’t spot these keychains until we were back home in January and decompressing from the trip. I was making my travel report videos and ended up on the Japanese Nintendo Store trying to ID some of the things we saw in person. There’s so much great stuff on there, I highly recommend taking a peek at it throughout the year or paging back through the old stuff sometime.

That’s all, just some good ol’ Disk System Yellow appreciation for today, both old and new style!

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