Check out an hour’s worth of gaming stuff I saw across South Korea and Japan

I think it went largely unbeknownst to anyone reading the site that we spent the tail-end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024 traveling across South Korea and Japan. They’re both countries that I’d dreamt of visiting almost all of my life and it was equally surreal and overwhelming to finally be there. 

I’ve seen plenty of “Don’t Make These Travel Mistakes” videos and watched 4K walkthroughs of “Daily Life in Japan” — not to mention having spent my life absorbing the culture and creations of both countries — but to be there, at arm’s length from it all… it was a LOT

I said it a million times on the trip, out loud and in my own head: I could spend a week in each city and still not see it all. And that’s just talking about the video game stuff! In fact, even doing my damndest to whittle it all down still resulted in a three-part series of videos clocking in at just under an hour in length.

  • Part 1: South Korea and Osaka, Japan
    PC Cafe sightings, an unexpected collab between Nexon and South Korea’s steel industry, and a trip to the flagship 12-story DAISO store in South Korea. Osaka was our first experience in Japan with conbinis, hyakuen shops, and Gashapon centers
  • Part 2: Inside Nintendo Store KYOTO
    ALL about our brief time at Nintendo Store KYOTO! We still managed to spend $150 and take in a TON of exclusive merch. Check out a recap of my favorite findings from Nintendo’s latest flagship store
  • Part 3: Game Stuff found in Tokyo, Akihabara & Beyond
    The biggest yet with tons of game sightings and pick-ups around Tokyo, Shibuya, Harajuku with retro game stops in Akihabara (Trader, Retro Game Camp, Super Potato, Yodobashi, Seekbase) and MORE
  • BONUS: Game Goods Haul from Osaka & Nintendo Store KYOTO
    Filmed in the middle of our trip, I wanted to show just some of the gaming trinkets we picked up at the dollar stores in Osaka and at Nintendo Store KYOTO

Believe it or not, there’s still a ton more to show, from ephemeral paper goods to actual video games and, yes, even more Nintendo stuff. Hopefully I’ll have more to add to this post and playlist as I find more time to film and edit.

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