Nintendo probably has some Famicom goods in the works for its 40th anniversary

In a move that I thought for sure had happened decades ago, Nintendo just recently filed a trademark in Japan (now deleted) for a new design of the early Famicom cartridges. You know, the original lot that just had the stylish “pulse” design? This latest trademark (boring filing image below) suggests that Nintendo may have a 40th Anniversary line of products in the works for the upcoming milestone around July 15th. The categories covered in the filing that Game Watch reported on today include:

  • Electronic Game Programs
  • Office Supplies
  • Pet Clothing
  • Clothing
  • Game Equipment
The simple trademark image on top of some colorful vintage carts

The office supplies, clothing, and even the pet clothing are easy enough to imagine but I’m intrigued by what the electronic game programs and game equipment might mean. At first though a commemorative Famicom Mini springs to mind, maybe offering a cartridge shaped enclosure with gussied up ROM hacks of the original “pulse line” titles. For some reason I also immediately thought of a Famicom cart-shaped Game & Watch like the Mario and Zelda ones from a few years ago but that doesn’t really make sense for the Famicom.

I’ll let you daydream your own exciting possibilities and leave you with my #1 screwball vision: Miniature Famicom-styled cartridges for whatever console Nintendo releases next. Out with the SD-sized Switch cartridges and in with classic Famicom carts!

“Feel the authentic ka-chunk when you slot into the new Nintendo Famicombo: the next dockable handheld from Nintendo”

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