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Popucom: A clever looking combo of 3D action and Puzzle Bobble blasting

Just a quick post today to point out the clever looking co-op action puzzler, Popucom. I spotted the announcement trailer a few weeks ago and, at first blush, it looked like any other colorful and generic 3D platformer. Fortunately, the footage quickly reveals what makes it unique.

There appears to be an assortment of physics-based, puzzle-solving mechanics but the main gameplay looks to  brilliantly combine 3D action with the classic bubble popping strategy of games like Puzzle Bobble (Bust A Move) or Zuma. The section at 1:04 in the video illustrates it perfectly: the co-op couple fire bubbles into the numerous legs of a spider-bot to make matches and eliminate its limbs, all the while popping and dodging a color-coded bullet hell of incoming bubbles.

It’s one of those perfect combinations that makes you think “why didn’t someone do this sooner!?” … unless they did and I just completely missed it over the years. It looks kinda like a lot of fun and I may actually see if anyone wants to join me for Popucom whenever it’s released. So far there’s no solid release date on Steam or PlayStation.

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