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It’s Free! on PlayStation Store for May 23rd

It’s Free! on PlayStation Store for May 23rd

We’ve got another trickle of freebies this week on the PlayStation Network as publishers continue to sit on their E3 newsbombs and hot reveals. At least it isn’t just themes and avatars, there’s a little something for everyone, as long as you’re into battle royale games or racers.

If you’re still playing Gravel, developer Milestone has another free car for you, this time offering the Opel Kadett GTE on the house. If you were interested in the WipEout Omega Collection but never took the $20 plunge, there’s now a free demo to kick the tires with… or whatever you kick to metaphorically check out a hovercraft. Finally, H1Z1: Battle Royale is offering PlayStation Plus subscribers a pack of gear and emotes to get them started on the road to a chicken dinner… or whatever victory metaphor that game uses.

Grab, my friends… and then Go!

It’s Free! on PlayStation Store for May 16th

It’s Free! on PlayStation Store for May 16th

Welcome to the middle of May! I hope you’re into free-to-play games or you like reminiscing about mobile games that are on the verge of being shut down because it’s another weird, slim week of free offerings on the PlayStation Store. The most interesting addition is an assortment of in-game items for Final Fantasy XV that celebrate King’s Knight, the real-world mobile game that the characters IN the game also play. Square Enix announced in late March that the Android and iOS game would be shut down in June and to commiserate they’ve added King’s Knight themed stickers, clothes, and music to Final Fantasy XV.

For those of you with PlayStation Plus subscriptions there also a pair of monthly top-up packs for a pair of free-to-play games:

TERA: PS Plus Pack

  • Shadowmare—a spectral mount with a Movement Speed of 280
  • Blue Baseball Cap—just in time for Spring training!
  • 15 Days of elite status which includes account benefits like double XP, fast travel, and more!

3on3 FreeStyle – 2018 PlayStation®Plus Bonus Pack (May)

  • Random Gold Card Pack
  • Skill Training Item
  • Coin Buff Ball (1D)

Lastly there’s an official Fortnite SHAREfactory theme that you can use to jazz up your clips of Thanos and a new demo for an old PlayStation VR game, Apex Construct.

Have fun being sad about King’s Knight, grab ‘n go y’all!

It’s Free! on PlayStation Store for May 9th

It’s Free! on PlayStation Store for May 9th

Hang on, do you smell something? Oh nasty, it’s the wet fart of a super slim week of free stuff on the PlayStation Network. Sitting atop the dust pile is something that will definitely shift the sales numbers on Middle-earth: Shadow of War, 4K cutscenes for PlayStation 4 Pro machines.

This 4K Cinematic Pack renders cinematics at 4K resolution for the PlayStation®4 Pro. Experience the epic story of Baranor and the war for Mordor brought to life in breathtaking detail.

The only other freebie for the week of May 9th is another PlayStation Plus booster pack for Knights of Valour, the Three Kingdoms brawler that I waned off of last year. If you’re just coming to the free-to-play title though, you might as well grab this bundle, those free weapons really do help out in the early levels.

  • Silver Wings: Diao Chan’s exclusive purple class weapon.
  • Sickle Hook: Guan Yu’s exclusive purple class weapon.
  • Suckling Pig ×2: Restores HP by 40%.
  • Strategist’s Bag ×2: Randomly performs a magical skill.
  • Master Medicine ×2: Increases attack power by 30% for 15 seconds, not stackable.
  • Silver x50,000.

Here’s hoping the well hasn’t run totally dry in the lead up to E3 or these updates are going to be pretty mild for the next month and a half.

It’s Free! on PlayStation Store for May 2nd

It’s Free! on PlayStation Store for May 2nd

Get ready to die… in 4K HDR because the DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED Network Test ver “demo” is ready to download on PlayStation 4. You’ve got between May 1st and the 8th to download the demo in advance of the actual test period when the game will be playable: May 11th and 12th from 6pm PDT through 12am each day.

“Players will play the game as testers to play the game before release. This Network Test is to ensure that the game will be able to manage its online capabilities on the day of release. The network test will be free of charge and will be available to all players. We hope that you will take the time to join in on this opportunity.”

In other free game news this week there are demos of both Super Mega Baseball 2 and Pixeljunk Monsters 2. And rounding out the week with some in-game freebies are Happy Dungeons with their monthly bundle of 50 Happy Jewels for PlayStation Plus subscribers and Songbringer: The Trial of Ren with a new free level.

Get to dyin’!

It’s Free! on PlayStation Store for April 25th

It’s Free! on PlayStation Store for April 25th

It’s April 25th. Do you know where your PlayStation Store freebies are? They’re right here! The biggest release of the week is a free demo of Detroit: Become Human, Quantic Dream and David Cage’s latest choice-em-up, about robots who go around spouting unrealistic dialog.

That’s the closest we’ve got to a free game this week but you can grab some free stuff for a pair of games you may already own. Gravel is back with another freebie, the venerable Ford Bronco, while Pure Farming 2018 adds goats, goat farming, and goat husbandry to its roster of farm-related diversions. Need to gussy up your badass clips from God of War or Warframe? You’re in luck because both of them have free SHAREfactory themes this week.


Grab ‘n Go, friends!