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Earth Defense Force 6 tops August’s sales charts in Japan

E.D.F.! Eeeee Deeee eeeeF! ! !

That rollicking battle cry of the Earth Defense Force has seemingly been reverberating across Japan as August’s sales data comes in. Somehow, surprisingly, despite any expectations I had, Earth Defense Force 6 has topped the charts across the board!

  • D3 Publisher posted on Twitter that first week sales of the game had exceeded 300,000 copies and to celebrate some of the recent entries in the franchise (along with other D3 titles) were put on sale

  • On the retail side, Famitsu reported that the new game was the No.2 best selling retail title for August with 68,341 copies sold on PlayStation 4. On PlayStation 4 it ranked at No.13 with 24,300 copies sold

  • Most important of all is the number three. That is, three papercraft models featuring EDF6 characters and giant insects have been released on the game’s homepage

I cannot wait for an English release of this dang game! The chart-topping sales seal the deal and we’ll definitely be getting it in the West, there’s just no word yet on when. At best I’m guessing it’s still 9-12 months off which is incredibly painful to think about.

Also painful is that we’ll likely be spending close to $200 so that Katy and I can play together, with me on PS4 and her on PS5. I sure don’t think we’ll be picking up a second PlayStation 5 anytime soon but if one game could convince us, it’d be Earth Defense Force.

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