It’s Free! on the PlayStation Store for July 17th!

It’s Free! on the PlayStation Store for July 17th!

Welcome to one of the weirdest weeks on the PlayStation Network that I can remember! We’ll get to the freebies in a minute but take a look at the full list here because there are quite a few peculiar and baffling new releases. There are a surprising number of interesting indie games, loads of scantily clad ladies in new DLC for Gal*Gun 2 and Knights of Valour, a new karaoke game, plenty of janky themes and avatars, a new Tempest, a literal wild goose chase for theHunter, and like, a ton of avatars of pizza.

It’s kind of a wild explosion of odd content this week and it’s just as weird and random on the freebies. IO Interactive is back with another free level in Hitman with the Summer Pack. You can pre-load the client for Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker in advance of its beta test between July 19th and the 22nd. There’s a demo for The Path of Motus, an interesting indie platformer where you build bridges and fight by yelling and people.

Then there’s a free new level specifically for the physical release of the bewildering Barack Fu : The Adventures of Dirty Barry. Yes, it’s an irreverent brawler starring the former POTUS himself. Rounding out the roster is a free character, Flandre, for the new NiS release, Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded and a couple of PlayStation Plus booster packs for 3on3 FreeStyle and Knights of Valour.

Grab ‘n Go you weirdos!

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