Nintendo’s latest fashion collab lets you express your inner Bowser, Boo, Goomba

There’s almost never been a shortage of Super Mario goods floating around, especially in Japan. However, this latest collab with fashion brand Gelato Pique is one of the few times I can think of where you can express your inner Bowser, Boo, or Goomba. 

Believe it or not this latest fashion collection is Nintendo’s fourth collaboration with Gelato Pique and I’m super happy to see the bad-guy-look get featured. Of course, the line of 41 new items features plenty of colorful and brightly designed Mario, Yoshi, and Toad outfits but, c’mon, we’re here for the grim stuff baby! Well, as grim as Nintendo gets anyways.

Check out the images and captions below for relative U.S. prices. Only a true ghoul would spend $270 for the full ensemble. Will it be you?

If the prices (plus import shipping fees) haven’t dissuaded you, the line will be available at Gelato Pique stores nationwide in Japan, from the brand’s homepage, Usagi Online, Mash Store, and even from the Japan-based Nintendo Stores — like the Kyoto branch that we were just at a few weeks ago.

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