Nearly old enough to drink, Tales of Symphonia is celebrating 20 years in class (and in a glass)

It’s possibly the classiest video game tchotchke I’ve ever seen: an engraved bottle of red wine and stemware commemorating the 20th anniversary of Namco’s Tales of Symphonia. Pre-orders open today as August 29th is when the original game launched in Japan but the bottle and glass won’t actually ship out until late November. 

Classy as it is, you’d have to be a pretty diehard fan of the series to jump on these items as each will cost you just over $80. Fortunately, eeo Store has a handful of other commemorative items available that aren’t nearly as expensive but also aren’t as fancy as a bottle of French wine. Take a closer look at the assortment below.

If you’re suddenly interested in reliving the game on its anniversary you can pick up original and Remastered copies from Amazon and Play-Asia, with both links benefiting us here at the site if you do buy something.

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