Just let Pac-Man be, alright!?

Dont do this!

Don't do this!

So word has it from recently-Namco’d Hirokazu Yasuhara that a 30th Anniversary Pac-Man is in the works and that it’s “sort of meeting [Namco Bandai America’s Makoto Iwai’s] wish 100 percent, in a sense.” Not exactly the most glowing acclaim for what is allegedly going to be a “character action game”.

My problem with the news is that it seems like we’ve gotten a new Pac-Man for every five-year anniversary since the late 80’s. Pac-Man Land, Pac ‘n Roll, Pac-Pix, Pac-Man World Rally, Pac-Mania, and about 3,000 other Pac-Games have all come and gone with only a few that were ever really worth playing. Pac-Man Championship Edition on Xbox Live Arcade was the perfect Pac-Update and it’s a shame to think they’re wasting talented developers, time, and money on trying once again to make Pac-Man something he’s not or ever should be.

Just port Championship Edition to the iPhone and call it an anniversary, it’ll make you way more cash than any “character action game” you could ever dream up.

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