I picked up a pac(k) of new Pac-Man goods from 7-Eleven

I’d heard about the 7-Eleven x Pac-Man promotion not long ago but brushed it off since we live in a 7-Eleven deadzone. I was reminded of it again last week though as we were about to head to Boston and wanted to stop into at least one of their stores to see what was up. Unfortunately, not much. Pinky’s Strawberry White Chocolate Cappuccino was the featured flavor and the promotion was only called out on the coffee machine itself. None of the merch was available in-store but somewhere along the way it dawned on me to check their online shop.

Took the gif from their site, I don’t know what the Chex Mix stuff is about

Good lord they went all out, huh? Over 30 items are up for sale including stickers, keychains, “dad hats”, bucket hats, reusable bags, and a ton of shirt and hoodie designs. Most aren’t really things that I’d wear but I just can’t stop falling in love with Pac-Man illustrations. The big-eyed, giant-mouthed, dashing-with-abandon poses of Pac-Man art have always warmed my heart. So I did go ahead and buy a black dad hat with my favorite design and a sticker pack since they include a few of the crossover images.

The line is available now at only slightly unreasonable retail prices. The promo appears to be winding down by the end of May at which time the after-market prices are expected to become highly and illogically unreasonable. So pick something up now maybe?

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