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E3: Pac-Man CE DX Plus updates that game you already own


Do not be alarmed by the sight of Rally-X taking over Pac-Man. This isn’t a drug-fueled childhood nightmare from spending too much time in arcades. It’s just Namco Bandai’s latest Pac-Man initiative *take a deep breath* Pac-Man Championship Edition DX Plus. The best part is you probably already own it and the worst part is it’s just a vehicle for DLC.

It’s a title update coming late this Summer to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows 8 versions of Pac-Man CE DX you may already own. The Plus-appended update adds improved leaderboard functionality, new in-game medals and loads of skins, themes, sounds, music, and mazes for sale as DLC. It’s kinda gross — patching in a marketplace for a game from 2008 — but it’s part of Namco’s celebration of Pac-Man leading up to the release of another Pac-Product; Pac-Man Museum. Also there’s that new Pac-Man cartoon and it’s tie-in games.

Ya know what, let’s stop talking about Pac-Man.

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