Alt timeline invades reality: Hyperscape merch actually exists

Sometimes the multiverse springs a leak and one of our alternate potential timelines seemingly drips into our current reality like the Mandela effect. I stepped into one of those puddles today while browsing of all things. As is usually the case when I get on Instagram, I was immediately distracted by an ad that pointed me to this battery powered “Arcade Games” sign that I’m probably going to buy soon.

Curious if they had any other game-related junk to fill up the cart I found this ‘Child Hyperspace Ace Costume‘. Besides looking vaguely low-poly I wondered how it related to games and after reading the description it dawned on me that this is real life merch for Ubisoft’s abandoned battle royale game, Hyperscape. It turns out they put a little more effort into the marketing with a few other “Champion” costumes and party-store fare like helium balloons, paper plates, and temporary tattoos emblazoned with Hyperscape imagery.

It was such a limp effort that no one even pointed out to the Michaels web team that the title was misspelled as hyperspace and not hyperscape. It made this sole entry on their website so bewildering but at least they got it right in the description box:

Get ready to dominate in the battle royale with this Hyperscape Ace costume. This cyberpunk costume features a blue printed jumpsuit with printed details and printed zipper as well as a functional utility belt. Top the look off with the plastic helmet. This costume is perfect for any video game fan!


  • Multicolor
  • 100% polyester
  • Jumpsuit, belt and helmet
  • Shoes not included

Child size information:

  • Small 4-6
  • Medium 8-10
  • Large 12-14

Like those Battleborn characters that repeatedly showed up in Ready Player One or the Bubsy cartoon, this stuff is another remnant of a failed marketing push that hoped to drive a new franchise into the mainstream consciousness. Sorry pal, maybe in another timeline.

If you’re a dedicated dumb-game-stuff collector this costume can still be added to your trove but that kind of street cred will cost you $40.99 at Michaels. They’re a little cheaper on eBay right now along with the other junk and buddy, don’t think I’m not tempted to pick up at least one thing.

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