Dance AND Sing like Michael Jackson on Kinect

If you thought Michael Jackson: The Experience on Wii wasn’t entirely engaging your rhythmic abilities you may appreciate this first look at the game adapted for Kinect. And if you love to see awkward press demos and unchoreographed backup dancers you definitely need to watch this.

It may  be the most honest Kinect demo I’ve ever seen as the paid, backup dancers do their own thing out of sync with the game and the lead girl keeps shooing them out of Kinect’s field of vision. I’ve witnessed the same over-exuberance and impatience when showing off Kinect to friends and family myself. And not to be too critical of her singing but it seems like she may have never heard ‘Beat It’ before this demo. Wait, singing?

Yup, Ubisoft is going for the ‘Flawless Embarrassment’ fatality with this game on Kinect. Not only is your sweaty, flailing image front and center on screen but you’ll also have to grab a mic and do your best MJ karaoke at certain points. No word yet if this is a separate mode or a higher difficulty from just dancing (wa-hey!) which is all I was really expecting from this game. This might be too much public indecency even for me!

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