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My Most Listened Albums of 2021

I haven’t posted an “of 20xx” roundup to the site since 2018, which is embarrassingly only a few posts below this one in chronological order. 2019 was a speeding bullet train of stress thanks to my last job, destined to burst into flames and derail once we hit 2020. I dove headlong into work on Delisted Games while being unemployed and looking for a new job, and didn’t feel like I had anything to say about what I played in 2020. Spoiler alert: I feel even worse about, well, everything in 2021. But I made some neat graphics for Instagram and wanted to write just a bit more about a few things from the year.

I take issue with my Last.fm stats as there are a lot of albums I played repeatedly throughout the year that were untrackable by the service; YouTube, Bandcamp, embedded players and the like. Alas, it does account for a majority of local music files played from both my PC and phone. It even pulls in the fantastic droidsound-e app that emulates the sound hardware of dozens of platforms and deserves a separate post of its own.

While it’s probably a little farther down the list on its own, Environmental Station Alpha represents the musical mood I’ve been in for most of the year and shares the spot with the likes of Shipwreck, Niche, Assemble With Care, and some really good vaporwave mixes from YouTube. ESA was also heavily featured in my pre-stream for that crazy springtime period where I was actually doing a lot on Twitch with Delisted Games.

Creating a new soundtrack release is definitely going to add up some repeat plays and that’s exactly what happened with Dinosaur Hunting. A new, complete 3-disc album came out of the work and it’s a collection I’m really proud of making (and hearing!), right down to the fake liner notes. Of course perennial favorites, Castlevania and Ace Combat 04, made appearances this year and each moved up a few slots. In comparison, both Earthbound and Zaxxon’s Motherbase 2000 are a surprise to see as I had never heard either soundtrack before and only remember listening to them a couple of times.

One surprise that I’m happy to see is Side Pocket, a go-to album for the highly specific desire for 16-bit jazz. And rounding out the list are DJ Cutman’s Volume V, PONCHO, and Spelunky, all of which also made it into the pre-stream playlist and have those great chill vibes.

For New Year Chillin’: The Four Kings Casino & Slots Soundtrack

Every year around the holidays Katy and I seem to get back into
The Four Kings Casino and Slots. It’s a great, free-to-play social game from some of the people who made content for PlayStation Home. Alongside its numerous fun diversions is a wonderfully chill soundtrack that gets stuck in our heads for weeks. I couldn’t resist it this year and set out to record the music in three acts.

Part 1 is the Title Screen jam and all the funky songs that play in the main casino, the Bingo hall, and the Blackjack and Poker rooms. Part 2 contains the handful of thumpin’ bangers that play in the game’s virtual nightclub, and Part 3 has all the music from the recently added bowling hall.

I didn’t go nuts with the videos, it’s just a simple edit of screenshots and art from the game but one day it’ll all be gone and delisted so I figured why not also memorialize it alongside the music? If you could use something to chill out with today, take a listen, it’s quite good.

The Big City Stories soundtrack is now online, because I care


You might remember Big City Stories from my “Of 2016” recap posts where it featured surprisingly prominently in my categories for Most Played and most-visited-on-a-daily-basis. I finished off the Trophies and most of the progression by the end of 2016 and while it was fun I ended up putting the game down early in 2017. I’ve been thinking about it again lately though as updates from the team have dwindled. I can’t help but see it quietly being delisted by the end of the year and above all I couldn’t let the game’s infectious, sweet, and silly soundtrack disappear.

The game’s soundtrack only contains five songs but they randomly mix into one another which made it impossible to get clean intros and outros. It also meant I had to keep recording until I got all five songs in a row with no repeats which took a lot longer than I was expecting. Ultimately, The Big City Stories Suite was born, a 14-minute progression of the game’s five untitled (and also uncredited) tracks.

If music to watch computer characters go about their lives from an elevated viewpoint was a genre, this would be a very good example of it. In other words, it’s right up there with The Sims for catchiness. Take a listen above, I cut the video with the game’s trailer so you can see the most exciting bits instead of footage of me running aimlessly around my little town.

Of 2017: The Game Music

Of 2017: The Game Music

Once again my 2017 picks for video game music are posted over on Original Sound Version but I’ll give you a quick tease here. Just like my “Game of the Year” selection for 2017, my picks for “Soundtrack” and “Arrangement Album of the Year” turned out to be pretty surprising, even to myself.

I’m not a big fan of orchestral or symphonic music anymore, preferring chiptunes, big beats, pounding EDM, and especially challenging experimental stuff. Those stipulations coupled with my disinterest in most of 2017’s big releases meant I had a pretty small pool to pull from but my final selection fully aligns.

I couldn’t make this tiny post without embedding some kind of music so here’s one of my other picks for 2017 original game music: the surprisingly diverse, yet tiny soundtrack to
The Franz Kafka Videogame

“Arrangement Album of the Year” was equally hard to nail down but for different reasons. Remixes and underrated Bandcamp releases are what I specialize in covering over on OSV. For 2017 I had tons of albums to consider and had a hard time narrowing it down to just three: a winner, runner up, and a special mention.

Check out my full post on OSV if you’re intrigued.

Get your music purchases from Loudr by June 30th

Get your music purchases from Loudr by June 30th

I realize this may be a little late to be terribly helpful but if you ever bought any music from Loudr you should probably dig up your password and download it now. Like today… as long as today is June 30th, 2017 or earlier.

Way back in December the site announced they were getting out of selling digital music in order to rebrand and focus on music licensing and distribution. They’re still helping independent artists make rad video game covers, they just aren’t selling them directly.

Purchases from the site ended on January 31st but they’ve given people a solid 5 months to get in and grab their goods. So get in and download your music (or export to Dropbox, that’s a super handy feature!) as soon as you can!