The Big City Stories soundtrack is now online, because I care


You might remember Big City Stories from my “Of 2016” recap posts where it featured surprisingly prominently in my categories for Most Played and most-visited-on-a-daily-basis. I finished off the Trophies and most of the progression by the end of 2016 and while it was fun I ended up putting the game down early in 2017. I’ve been thinking about it again lately though as updates from the team have dwindled. I can’t help but see it quietly being delisted by the end of the year and above all I couldn’t let the game’s infectious, sweet, and silly soundtrack disappear.

The game’s soundtrack only contains five songs but they randomly mix into one another which made it impossible to get clean intros and outros. It also meant I had to keep recording until I got all five songs in a row with no repeats which took a lot longer than I was expecting. Ultimately, The Big City Stories Suite was born, a 14-minute progression of the game’s five untitled (and also uncredited) tracks.

If music to watch computer characters go about their lives from an elevated viewpoint was a genre, this would be a very good example of it. In other words, it’s right up there with The Sims for catchiness. Take a listen above, I cut the video with the game’s trailer so you can see the most exciting bits instead of footage of me running aimlessly around my little town.

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