Of 2017: The Game Music

Of 2017: The Game Music

Once again my 2017 picks for video game music are posted over on Original Sound Version but I’ll give you a quick tease here. Just like my “Game of the Year” selection for 2017, my picks for “Soundtrack” and “Arrangement Album of the Year” turned out to be pretty surprising, even to myself.

I’m not a big fan of orchestral or symphonic music anymore, preferring chiptunes, big beats, pounding EDM, and especially challenging experimental stuff. Those stipulations coupled with my disinterest in most of 2017’s big releases meant I had a pretty small pool to pull from but my final selection fully aligns.

I couldn’t make this tiny post without embedding some kind of music so here’s one of my other picks for 2017 original game music: the surprisingly diverse, yet tiny soundtrack to
The Franz Kafka Videogame

“Arrangement Album of the Year” was equally hard to nail down but for different reasons. Remixes and underrated Bandcamp releases are what I specialize in covering over on OSV. For 2017 I had tons of albums to consider and had a hard time narrowing it down to just three: a winner, runner up, and a special mention.

Check out my full post on OSV if you’re intrigued.

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