More information about Japanese content warning symbols

Prior to the creation of CERO in 2002, Sony put these red warning triangles on violent games that read このゲームには暴力シーンやグロテスクな表現が含まれています, “This game contains violent scenes and grotesque expressions” (Google Translate)

They were even in use well after the establishment of CERO

Capcom then developed its own mark that reads このゲームには過激な 表現が含まれて います, “This game contains explicit language” (Google Translate)

Sega did the same thing, theirs reads このゲームには 暴力等の過激な 表現が含まれて います。, “This game contains extreme expressions such as violence.” (Google Translate)

Further fun fact, チョロQHG4 / ChoroQHG4 has このゲームには友情シーンやフレンドリーな表現が含まれています。(“This game contains friendship scenes and friendly expressions.” – Google Translate) on its box as a spoof of this practice

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