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Its still there! The non-lightsaber in ICO Collection

Its still there! The non-lightsaber in ICO/Shadow of the Colossus Collection. Non-lightsaber meaning that in the non-US versions of the game it is a lightsaber that comes tumbling through the secret window. It’s green and kills enemies super fast and it gets longer if you’re holding Yorda’s hand. But us? We get a mace… hrmm.

Cheeky jabs at games in Far Cry Instincts circa 2005

I found this Gamer Lamer magazine in a shanty hut on my way to destroying a radio tower. I don’t know who on the dev team is taking the place of Gordon Freeman but the cover boasts features on new screens from Quarter-Life 2, Medal of Shame, and BROOM 3. Good job Ubisoft, all of those are almost relevant six years later.

UPDATED: Beyond Good & Evil: I caught ’em all

Something I always wanted to do in the original game but didn’t accomplish until 7 years later: photographing all 56 animal species in Beyond Good & Evil! That’s one way to get people to admire your character design, and there wasn’t even a specific Achievement tied to it.

UPDATE: Turns out my memory’s not so great after all. As this screen didn’t seem familiar in the slightest when it popped up the other night I assumed I never photographed all the lifeforms in the original game. I was wrong! I just loaded up the old Xbox and dusted off my save file to find out that , sure enough, I did it in 2003 as well. Still totally worth doing all over again!

Oh, and if you’re as crazy about the game as I am you’ll wanna hop over to SlickDeals.net and grab the free soundtrack, then head to the new official site and plug in your still-functional Internet Code that you get any time you save your game. Not sure what you get exactly but it’s awesome they kept the meta game updated!