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You may all rest easy, my Virtual Hydlide videos are back

Being unemployed has its perks afterall! Like giving me time to re-upload and edit my 2014 playthroughs of Virtual Hydlide on the Sega Saturn. That’s right, playthroughs, as in more than one. You can watch the game on Easy or Hard difficulty and ultimately take a peek at Pro Mode… although it’s pretty disappointing after playing the game through twice.

If you find yourself loving the game’s dramatic MIDI soundtrack but hate all my yammering, don’t worry! I’ve also re-uploaded my videOST for the game, featuring all the music with none of the annoying thirtysomething banter. Watch and listen here.

Oh hey! I’m doing a new playthrough series

I’ve spent a couple of days getting my production pipeline in order and trying to finally ditch my SingStar microphones (it didn’t happen) and am ready to start posting my new playthrough series. What’s the game? It’s R-Type Command on PSP! I’ve been thinking about replaying it a lot lately and figured if I was going to do it, why not hook it up to the TV and share the embarrassment with the Internet for posterity? Here’s Episode 00 in which I remember what the hell this game even is. I’ll try to do a new one once a week as the missions aren’t terribly long but there sure are a lot of them.

Done Playing: Trine 2 (Xbox 360)

For my money the original Trine was pretty close to perfect. It taught its character-swapping gameplay and let you focus on the clever physics puzzles, it was absolutely gorgeous to look at and — most importantly — it didn’t overstay its welcome. It’s a lean, focused indie classic whose only fault is that its boring combat is mostly there to break up the puzzle sequences. Trine 2 doesn’t stray far from that formula and starts out strong but the additions to the gameplay managed to kill my excitement in the end. According to Steam and Raptr I’ve played both games for around eleven hours each but Trine 2 might as well have dragged on for an eternity.

Let’s start on the highest of high notes, though, with Trine 2’s presentation. The images here may look nice but they can’t begin to capture the wondrous sight of the game in motion. The title screen alone has more artistic majesty than the entirely of two or three contemporary games combined. My words do it even less justice so I’ll skip the descriptions and sum it up as whimsical. Whimsical as hell! There is never nothing to be amazed about while looking at this game. Seriously, this is what it looks like when unicorns dream!


Mahjong gets the 3DS treatment this Summer

BONUS POST! Not only is this Atlus’ first game for the 3DS and not only is this tile-matching mahjong in three dimensions, it’s also a heads-up from Sunsoft. Yeah, the Sunsoft of old is still at it… umm, making 3D Mahjong. Mahjong CUB3D is coming this Summer from Atlus and along with classic tabletop style layouts the game will offer Cube Mode which is exactly what it looks like above: tile-matching mahjong but all up and down and over and around. It’s not exactly the ‘Picross 3D 3D’ that it immediately makes me think of but it’s close. Someone get on that ASAP!

More pre-Order goodies from Atlus for Hammerin’ Hero

I was excited about the PSP’s Carpenter Story just from the looks of it, but the full import game was a reminder of why IREM has stuck with shooters all these years. The gameplay is clever but oh-so-stiff and really frustrating, but I’m willing to give the upcoming U.S. version (dubbed Hammerin’ Hero) a chance. I’m not, however, willing to give GameStop any more of my money so I won’t be pre-ordering the game and will miss out on Atlus’ latest “Spoils”, a set of two mini figures of the game’s hero and heroine.

You, Mr. Obsessive Collector, should head to your closest GameStop store or to their website and plunk down some cash as supplies of these figures are limited and there’s a good long wait before the game’s April 7th release date.