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Commander Cherry wants you to pose for him

Ever the sucker for games that point cameras at my dumb face, I’m happy to inform the world about Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey. Like Leedmees on Xbox 360 and upcoming rival, Fru, Commander Cherry requires you to stand up and strike poses to create bridges and platforms for a 2D character. Where Leedmees was more like Lemmings and Fru has a gorgeous visual style, Commander Cherry looks to revel in dumb-itude.

Despite the similar gameplay elements they both look different enough to be equally appealing. Fru’s stages all take place on a single screen with an emphasis on puzzle solving. Cherry’s stages scroll like a traditional platformer with glowing pick-ups suggesting the shape you need to take. I could get into both as long as they don’t release around the same time. There’s only so much mild physical activity I can handle after all.

I’ll probably have more to post about Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey as it nears its “2015” release on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Oh wow, the DSi is doing something cool again!

Beaten down after years of cheap licensed shovelware, outshined by the iPhone’s indie-loving App Store, and seemingly the least powerful handheld around, the Nintendo DSi just got a whole lot more relevant! By way of my potential new favorite site, Tiny Cartridge, comes this mind blowing video of Rittai Kakushi e Attakoreda (roughly: Hidden 3D Image: There It Is!).

Half Hidden Object Game, half levelHead, it’s downloadable stuff like this that Nintendo desperately needs to make people take the DS seriously again. Capitalizing on the dual cameras for augmented reality stuff should’ve been Priority No.1 but the pickings are tragically slim to date. We can’t even get the cameras unlocked on Jigapix to make our own jigsaw puzzle pictures. I hope, hope, hope Nintendo brings this one to the U.S. as soon as possible. It’d be one more reason to justify me buying a DSi XL.