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There’s a Spelunker Z PlayStation Community… because I made one

Yes, of course I immediately tried to create a Spelunker Z community now that game-specific hubs have been added to PlayStation 4! Unfortunately, the U.S. PlayStation interface doesn’t know what “みんなでスペランカーZ” is so I couldn’t tie it to a game but I’m still here, ready to answer your questions about this obscure little platformer. So come join up, you probably won’t be hit with very many “new post” notifications from me.

In other Z-News, I’ve been spending my candies trying to win Perle the Cat and on the fourth try — with eyes clenched shut and having Katy prophesize “YOU GOT THE CAT” — I got the cat! There was much screaming and hollering and our real cat, Molly, immediately attacked Katy because she hates when Katy is happy. Now I have my own in-game cat who can hold down multiplayer switches and let me nab even more “lithograph eggs” in the levels.

Truly, it is a new era of Spelunker. Come and join us me!