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More Trophies

Fitness Superstar trophy

Fitness Superstar trophy

6 Week Champion trophy

6 Week Champion trophy

Here are my latest trophies for EA Sports Active More Workouts!  I completed 24 workouts in the 6 week challenge on “low” and got the “Fitness Superstar” trophy.  Same day I got the “6 Week Champion” trophy for completeing the 6 week challenge in 6 weeks or less.  That was the trophy I never got in the original game due to some glitch within the game.

I have been lazy with my workouts, which I may have mentioned.  I’ve only been doing the low challenge and on the scheduled days and basically sitting on my butt otherwise.  Well, there’s been a couple sessions of  “Just Dance” in there, but for the most part nutin.  That combined with holiday sweets and I have gained 4-5 lbs in the past month-ish.  I’m up to 138 lbs from 134 lbs.  (I need a wi-fi scale like Leo Laporte har har)  The weather getting so cold makes it hard to get out of the warm bed to do a workout.

Over the weekend I came up with a new plan, that I hope will continue, but I’m only 3 days into it today.  So, I will workout first thing after work then shower.  This will be better warmth-wise too because the apartment is warmer then.  Yesterday after work I did do it, but tonight a podcast may be planned so I may have to cancel a workout already.

EA Sports Active More Workouts

Ten out of Ten trophy

I haven’t talked about EA Sports Active lately, but I’m still doing it.  I got “More Workouts” in November and I finish the first challenge this week.  Today I got the Ten out of Ten Trophy for a total of ten workout hours.

I have been slacking on my workouts in a way.  I have been only doing the required days, rather than a cardio workout on off days as I have done.  I was maintaining about 134 lbs, but I have gone up to 137-ish with holiday foods.  134 was a drop in weight for me and 137 is still lower than I was.

Two in one day!

Fuel for the Fire trophy

Fuel for the Fire trophy

I love achievements, badges , trophies and the like, but I don’t kill myself if it’s too hard to get one.  This morning I got the last of the Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires achievements!  I think that’s the first Xbox 360 game I have done that in.   Also today I got the Fuel for the Fire trophy in EA Sports Active!  I have one more to get after playing almost 4.5 months.  I need to get it before the next version of the game is released in November.   When it comes down to it, I’d rather get Xbox achievements than any other, but they are all good.

Punch your way through this week’s new releases


It’s time to put down those fruity-colored controllers you’ve been fondling for years and start playing games the way humans were meant to play, by hitting things with their bare hands! Out this week are EA Sports Active and Punch-Out, both for the Wii and both featuring coverart that’s about to smack you upside the head! If you need a little convincing that you’re actually fighting King Hippo in Punch-Out, Everlast has some excessive boxing gloves they’d like to sell you, but if you just can’t force your limbs to mimic the on-screen actions of your chosen warrior there’s always UFC Undisputed to play on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. So stop shooting stuff already and punch something this week!