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Check out 31 mostly new Indie games coming to Xbox One


If you’re tired of all this virtual reality news coming out of GDC and just want to check out some new games, the Xbox YouTube channel has posted 31 new trailers of upcoming indie titles. These games are all part of Microsoft’s indie publishing program, ID@Xbox, which has some booth space at GDC to show off the games.

Many of these are games I looked at in the IGF this year and it’s good to see them updated and getting console releases (Submerged, The Sun and the Moon, ClusterPuck 99). There are also a lot of titles I hadn’t heard of making their “console debut” on Xbox One. Of particular note is The Flame in the Flood which looks like a fantastically artsy rogue-lite set amongst a flood in a “forgotten post-societal America”. You can check out most of the games on the Xbox channel but I’ve included their bullet point listing after the break if you want to read some more.


I rewrote this post from the future about GDC’s Experimental GamePlay Session

Just watch it. Seriously, I cannot explain it any better. If your mind remains unmelted after viewing there is much more about Achron here and here, not to mention 3 more videos on YouTube. Achron is just one of the concepts shown at GDC’s Experimental Gameplay Session which you can read even more about at Gamasutra. Between this and Lionhead’s The Room I have no doubt that future generations will develop psychokinetic powers at the hands of these games. Me, I’ll be lucky if I can make it through the tutorials without a nosebleed. Awesome stuff!

GDC News More about Games than Developers?


So I’m finally getting back to Google Reader, trying to catch up on the last two days worth of GDC news and I’m thinking “when did GDC become E3?”. I mostly go by Joystiq but even compared to their coverage last year there’s a ton more ‘New Game This’ and ‘Hands-on That’ posts. Is this fallout from last year’s crummy E3? Why do publishers and the media have to take yet another spotlight away from the actual developers and put it back on their end products?

I’m sure the conference itself is the complete opposite from the inside, I just wish the major news that was getting out was less about new assets and more about session tracks. Then again, maybe I’m reading the wrong feeds for that.