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Heartwarming Muguu Diary: Another look from the Open Beta

In a much quicker turnaround time here’s another, slightly higher quality look at Heartwarming Muguu Diary, this time in Open Beta Test form. They’ve patched up quite a few quests and systems so the thing is more playable now and it also seems to run better, even on my PC. Players are very much live and visible now as well though I pretty quickly turn them off in this video and forget to turn them back on for a while. My bad.

I recorded at 720p on my phone so you’ll probably want to watch this on YouTube itself rather than embedded here. It turns out my phone only records up to 3.99gb for video files so it cuts off at the end but you don’t miss much, I was about to end it anyways. Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Let me know!

Here’s that Hono Bono video I forgot to post

Watch me watching my phone film a TV screen while I play and talk my way through some of the recent beta for the very first MMO that I’ve ever had any real interest in. This video turned out horrendously as I have no way to capture PC game footage. I went to the trouble of recording direct feed audio and narration but then they got all out of sync with the video. Instead you get me, my PC noise and some music from the game I laid over in the background. Sorry, this video sucks but the game is very, very cool!

I guess I forgot to post this back when I got it on YouTube. I was a little worried it’d be taken down but so far no one from Koramgame has found it. The next beta test starts tomorrow and as far as I can tell it’s open now. I’m excited to jump back in as I’ve had time away from the game to try and make more sense of it.

Newsflash! Obscure Japanese MMO changes its name after Beta Test

In news that is of interest to exactly 0.00001% of the English speaking world, Koramgame has announced a name change for their heartwarmingly cute Japanese MMO that just ended its first week of beta testing.

Originally known as ‘Heartwarming Romance of the Three Kingdoms’, feedback through the beta test has led the publisher to change the name to ‘Heartwarming Muguu Diary’. The reason I took an interest in this game is because of its original title and connection to the Three Kingdoms period. The artwork is incredibly cute but the character design of heroes like Liu Bei and Lu Bu are such a dead-on match to those of Tecmo Koei’s Dynasty Warriors series that I was ready to watch the litigation fly.

It’s unclear if the name change is due to any kind of conflict with Tecmo Koei but the Google translated explanation does make sense. As popular as the Three Kingdoms is, not everyone in Japan is crazy about it and by focusing on the Muguu — the cute, blue bunny invaders, ever-present in the game — they could appeal to an even wider audience. The ‘diary’ refers to the player having daily adventures alongside the Muguu whose story is pretty fresh compared to the centuries-long chronicling of their Three Kingdoms co-stars.

I spent quite a bit of time stumbling through the beta and will hopefully have a shoddily produced video up soon as I desperately wait for the next one to start.