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My Vita has returned from Japan

I made the Vita think it was in Japan recently so I could play a couple demos and check out some free stuff. I made a couple of videos to document what I found including an extensive look at AKB1/149 Box, the crazy AR photo hunt game that Katy graciously tried to keep in frame as I ran around the kitchen.

Nin2-Jump’s Nin Ja and I may be best friends

Cave may be best known for ridiculous bullet hell shooters but their latest game, just unveiled for a release this year on Xbox Live Arcade in Japan, has a very different design. Nin2-Jump (read: Nin Nin-Jump) looks like a puppet show complete with MST3K style silhouettes that react to the action and the star of the show — Nin Ja — suspended on a stick. I have no idea how it plays (kinda reminds me of Super Meat Boy but with attacks) or if I could ever enjoy it, but I’ll surely be back with more when the trial hits Japan. In the meantime, you may see more Nin Ja from me as he’s just jumped to the top of my list for next character to represent me in icon/avatar form around the internet.

Xbox Man saves the Xbox in Japan?

Checking in on my Japanese Xbox account a few weeks ago (ya know, before E3 madness) I was astounded to see these three guys all over the Dashboard. Apparently Xbox Man and his PR/Marketing cohorts find themselves in awkward positions while trying to drum up some modicum of support for the Xbox in Japan. I have no idea what they’re saying but there are numerous spots that you can watch at the official site and some revolve around individual games. Xbox Man prepares a scene from Monster Hunter Frontier, the gang waxes up their Virtuaroids for the new Virtual ON game, and tea cups are dropped at the revelation of a Lost Planet 2 console bundle. Xbox Man is the best part of the campaign, though, speaking only in a robot-ized voice that, in true Pokemon fashion, only ever says ‘ECKS‘.

Finding the site for Xbox Man also led me to this page (you’ll need to log in with your Xbox Live account) where Microsoft Japan has been posting desktop wallpaper from some of its games for the past, oh, five years. Some nice stuff there but really, don’t you just want to see Xbox Man? If you can’t be bothered to click through I threw in one of the videos from GameTrailers after the cut jump break thing.

Hey! It’s Gun O’Clock!

Gun O'clock

Gun O'clock

I’m not sure I would pay $43 for this, but it sure is funny!  Bandai has come up with yet another goofy gadget and I love them for it.  The Gun O’clock! Check it out at StrapYa and make sure you watch the video on that page, it’s funny!