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Alongside gaming Nintendo also pitched the Wii as a family-uniting, home info hub

Iwata has an important message for the family

Talking to Skyevlyn while working on the ‘List of Wii Games that Came in Cardboard Sleeves‘ I was reminded of *something* Wii related that I had in a cardboard package — of some kind. Yup, pretty vague memory there. Turns out it was this: a free DVD and booklet that I’m fairly certain I picked up at Target back in 2006 shortly before, during, or just after the release of the Wii.

This was pre-social media, long before executives like Satoru Iwata, Reggie Fils-Aimé, or Bill Trinen were the regular faces of Nintendo marketing. It’s equally as far removed from Nintendo’s aggressive marketing in the 90s and early 2000s. This is about as straight-laced as it comes, probably the reason I’d forgotten I even had this filed away on a shelf.

Looking back at it sixteen years later has been a fascinating reminder of who Nintendo was aiming for at the time: e v e r y o n e. The sizzle reel of gameplay footage is the same as it’s ever been — a montage of quick cuts and cinematics backed by generic guitar rock — but the majority of the disc’s chapters and menus are focused on the stuff that Nintendo hoped would win over more than just traditional gamers.

Besides the meme-morable marketing that so easily comes to mind when thinking about the Wii — retirement home activity nights, the absurd seriousness of Red Steel, and the happy white families playing Wii Sports — there’s the long-forgotten dream that Nintendo had for an even bigger market.

It Came From The Collection #6: Nintendo Wii Light up Target Giftcard + Teardown

EPISODE 06: Nintendo Wii Light up Target Giftcard + Teardown
I’ve had this Target giftcard since 2006 but it stopped lighting up several years ago. Looks like it’s time to tear it down and see what makes it tick… err, glow!

✨ About the Show 
In hopes of bringing something a little more unique to YouTube I started ‘It Came From The Collection‘ to chronicle the gaming ephemera I’ve amassed over the years: flyers and pamphlets, pre-order tchotchkes, toys, posters, and all kinds of marketing paperwork. Follow the series on my channel and check out more of my collection on Instagram.

Just Dance in Japan features Jpop, rekindles my desire to waggle dance

So unfair! I had no idea that Ubisoft had taken their mega-surprise mega-hit series Just Dance overseas. This is AKB48’s ‘Heavy Rotation’ which is joined by a healthy mix of Western and Eastern pop tracks in the just-released Just Dance Wii. Other heartbreakingly exclusive Jpop tracks I’d love to waggle dance to include Kishidan’s ‘One Night Carnival’, BoA’s ‘Valenti’, and Toho Shinki’s ‘Why’. If only Ubisoft would take the show a little farther Southeast and turn out a Korean pop version. We would import it so damn fast! Or, ya know, if Harmonix wants to beat them to the punch, Katy has the open plea letter ready to go.

E3’11: Thoughts on Wii U

I think it looks like a handbag :/

Let’s cut right to it since I’m so many days late in getting this posted anyways: nothing outside of Wii U from Nintendo’s press conference was of any interest to me. Ok, ok, a couple 3DS games looked neat but it was Wii U — which was revealed to me by way of twitter as I was sending Katy off to Europe — that was obviously the big news.

Living up to many of the rumors, the controller wasn’t a huge surprise but the silence over the console itself was. Is this just a Wii? Is it a slightly enhanced Wii? Is there another new, non-WiiPad controller coming? Nintendo has since admitted that the whole showing was confusing and didn’t get across everything they were going for. It’s almost MORE interesting than what they did show; that being a bunch of glorified tech demos.

Still, the potential was easy to see. Once again Nintendo has made what will probably be the most unique party game experience with one player on the WiiPad and others (up to 4) using Wii Remotes. The virtual spaces that the gyroscope-enabled WiiPad lets you interact with was also a mindblowing display. While the TV displays the “straight ahead” view, the Shield Pose demo let you look 360-degrees around you with the WiiPad held up in front of you. The hardware itself has some surprises of its own, able to stream the game directly to the WiiPad to play in bed, on the toilet, or when someone else wants to use the TV. In a great throwback to the 3DO it even has its own volume slider and headphone port along with a touch screen stylus, dual analog sticks, and ergonomic grip on the back that conveniently acts as a stand.

it ALSO only does damn near everything!

The problem? Price. That’s a Sony caliber product right there with tons of tech inside that can’t come cheap. And that’s just the controller. I personally think the console itself is going to be a minimally enhanced Wii with little more than some HD outputs, basic wifi and a little flash memory. They’re finally falling in step with HD but the big draw is clearly in what the new controller can do, not how astounding the games look.

They also promised loads of third-party support and showed a couple demos but the WiiPad’s features could just as easily dissuade developers from the investment it takes to bring their PS3 and 360 games to Wii U. Where the Wii brought us a bunch of shallow minigame collections we may wind up with PS3 and 360 ports that limply slap on map/inventory support for the touch screen and ship it out the door.

Like most, I wasn’t sure what to make of this thing at first but in the days since E3 opened I’ve come around on Wii U. I like touch screens and analog sticks way better than Wii Remotes and motion controls like PS Move and Kinect so they’ve got me on the physical interface. I’m not the biggest fan of Nintendo’s IPs anymore so they still need to find some games I care about but I don’t outright hate this thing! And after the last few years of being bummed out over the Wii that may be the biggest surprise of E3.


E3 2010: The Nintendo Stuff

Trying to wrap some of the little chunks of games and things that looked interesting from E3 into fewer, larger posts here’s a rundown on as much Nintendo stuff as I can cobble together. Microsoft, Sony and Third Parties to follow.

The Press Conference
Like all the conferences at E3, I didn’t get to see Nintendo’s in its entirety or live as it was happening. I don’t get the same “Nintendo Won” vibe from it as everyone who was there so I’m probably missing something and will just stick to the games. I do think the intro with Miyamoto was interesting, him busting out of a screen in a very “3D” manner. I’m sure we’ll see more stuff like that as Nintendo ramps up the 3DS marketing. Also, Reggie is so angry all the time, I wonder if he ever loosens up. And that hitchy Skyward Sword demo? Eh, let it go fanboys and haters, everyone had demo troubles at one point or another during the show.

The 3DS
Having not been able to see the 3D part of the 3D for myself I can’t comment but it definitely sounds like the unanimous consensus was positive, to say the very least. I do have to wonder how much of that will wear off after we’ve played a dozen 3D games but the graphic hardware, the gyroscopes and all the cameras should allow developers plenty of room to express their creativity. It’s these games, stuff like Hidden 3D Image, that has me more excited than playing Star Fox 64… again… but in 3D.

More? Pilotwings Resort seems like an exploration-centric diversion and I really hope the Face Ace demo gets turned into something real. I’m uncertain if a Metal Gear Solid game would be any less awkward than on the PSP. Dead or Alive, Resident Evil, Super Street Fighter IV, Kid Icarus, and Kingdom Hearts all look great but I have no desire to ever play them. Animal Crossing and Nintendogs+Cats need to pack in way more than they look to offer right now. And maybe the greatest news is that you can turn the 3D stuff off and still be looking at a fantastic handheld game or just stick in one of the hundreds of classic DS games.

I don’t want to focus too much on the hardware since it’s not final and there’s no price or date announced but I’d pin my tail on a $200 donkey coming sometime in early-to-mid 2011.

The Wii
If you haven’t heard yet let me make this crystal clear: I am sick and tired of the flaky, uncomfortable and annoying Wii remote/Nunchuk Combo of Pain. Yes, I realize Kinect and Move are only higher fidelity versions of this but they are new and improved so I can guarantee them a pass for at least three years like I did with the Wii. So, no, I am not at all interested in another Zelda game where you have to awkwardly point at the screen or whip your arm around every time you attack. Nor am I interested in any form of minigame collection like Wii Party (or Mario Sports Mix) and Kirby’s Epic Yarn only looks great in art and design; it’s not something I ever intend to play myself.

What amI looking forward to? Metroid Other M might still be fun, Disney Epic Mickey will hopefully be so jampacked with self referential stuff that I won’t notice I’m playing another platformer (Asterix & Obelix syndrome), Just Dance 2 and Dance on Broadway will be stupid fun as long as they get here before Dance Central, Raving Rabbids Travel in Time will probably be worth struggling over the Wii Remote to play, and Lost in Shadow looks like Echochrome meets ICO. These are all games I’m willing to deal with the lonely, low-res Wii in order to play.

The Regular Old DS
I don’t know if I love or hate Nintendo for announcing the 3DS so soon after the DSi XL’s release. I was all set to enjoy a more comfortable, big-screen DS experience but put it off once the new hardware sounded more legit.  I guess the 3DS does have larger screens (and ya know, all that 3D tomfoolery) so that’s probably where I’ll end up spending most of my time with these games.

Super Scribblenauts is a no-brainer; I hear the control is better and using adjectives provides so many more opportunities for improvised madness. I’m still not sure if I’m sold on the adventure/puzzling in Ghost Trick but the idea of possessing objects to influence, save or destroy characters in order to unravel the mystery surrounding your own murder warrants at least one playthrough. I’m also uncertain on Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove which looks like a mashup between WarioWare’s Ashley and Ouendan. The only hitch is that it’s not being made by iNiS but rather the team behind Cheer We Go, a cheerleading game that also riffed on Ouendan. I’m a helluva lot more interested in Gabrielle’s than Cheer We Go but a lot depends on how snappy the gameplay is and how good the soundtrack turns out to be.

In Closing…
…having not seen or touched the 3DS in person and being extremely tired of the Wii format and all its shortcomings, Nintendo has the most to prove to me. A few DS games and a couple Wii titles are all I’m really anticipating and that’s sure to be put aside for the new hotness on my favored platform, the Xbox 360.