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Release Date Announced for PONCHO, more coverage this week!


This is just a super quick post to get the details out there. PONCHO, a mesmerizing indie puzzle/platformer I’ve been eyeing since I first discovered it back in January, finally has a release date! It’s coming in September to PC and developer Delve Interactive have confirmed the game is also in the works for PlayStation 4, Vita and Wii U, along with Mac and Linux support alongside the PC version.

Even better, I’ve been given a preview build of the game on PC and I’ll have a written piece as well as a video up later this week.

Oh, it’s you again. Adventure Island returns, on WiiWare

Well, well. Look who's back!

Well, well. Look who's back!

Even in the glory days of mascot-driven action platformers, Adventure Island’s Master Higgins hip factor fell somewhere between the Caveman Ninjas and Bonk. He’s some kind of modern day amazon in a ballcap who fights jungle critters in order to eat all kinds of food and ride a skateboard. I’m sure there was some princess/amazon goddess to save too.

To be honest, I’m more surprised it took Hudson this long to make a sequel. And in true Wii fashion it’s got plenty of minigames to go along with the 3D graphics and new levels. There’s no release date but there are plenty more screenshots over at WiiWare-World.

Scribblenauts is like playing a Mad Lib in 2D

Just watch the trailer, ok?

Just watch the trailer, ok?

I never got that into 5th Cell’s previous DS offerings — Drawn to Life and Lock’s Quest — but I loved the clever concepts behind them. As unique as they were, the team’s latest title for Nintendo’s handheld makes them both look tame in comparison.

Think of Scribblenauts like a mix of platforming, puzzle solving, and graphic adventuring. The twist here is that whatever you write on the touchscreen is what you use to solve the game’s 100+ “grab the star” puzzle scenes, if you can tear yourself away from spawning tornadoes, pizza, soldiers, lantern fish, or just about any other noun you can think of.

Joystiq has a fluffy interview with the team and the pictorial to the left explains a bit but the trailer over at the official site is what you should really check out first. Just go, you’ll see. Scribblenauts just shot to the top of my can’t-wait-to-play list for 2009.