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Xbox360: Harry Potter & the order of the phoenix

Beating school mates up with benches is great fun!

The only other HP game I have played was the Chamber of Secrets. This game is greatly improved over that one. It has many of the same problems though 1. bad camera angles 2. wonky controls 3. “wtf do they want me to do now” puzzle style
There are lots of things to find, secrets to unlock and you get rewards like behind the scene stuff about the game.
I completed the story of the game, now I am back at Hogwarts trying to figure out how to open certain locked doors & find Luna Lovegood’s crap for her.

The best thing you’ll play online today!

It may remind you of Miami Vice with the throbbing pink and blue neon, but Auditorium can hold your attention much longer than any 80’s TV show. One of the most gorgeous things I’ve ever seen on the internet, Auditorium is a music/puzzle game that also throws in some physics.

A stream of particles blasts across the screen in a mesmerizing trail which you bend to your will with a few gravity generators. The goal is to get the particles to pass through the appropriately colored clouds to pass near the appropriately colored meters just long enough to light them all up. It’s one part controlled chaos, one part balancing act and it’s quite gorgeous. As good as it looks above you’ve just gotta see it in motion, no 3D hardware or console system required!

Sega, can you hear this?

I don’t typically relay review scores or summaries here but this snippet from Game Informer’s writeup of Sonic Unleashed sums up pretty much 10 years of tragedy in one brief sentence;

Sega, if you really want to fix Sonic, the first thing you should do is stop trying to fix him.

Seriously, ditch the whole universe of forgettable characters, the vehicles, guns, swords, silly Wiimote gestures, and alternate forms. Let’s just take Sonic and make him run really fast across 300 levels per game. I don’t care if it’s 2D or 3D but I’d like to be proud of Sonic the Hedgehog again one of these days.

Behold the Power of PlayStation! HTML Badges!

Get Your Portable ID!

Better late than never, right Sony? While the PlayStation Network may have just tallied up as many “active users” as Xbox Live, a simple HTML badge has been a long time coming. Witness the awesome power of Sony’s ongoing rework above. That is indeed my PSN name, icon, and About Me text displayed as an image… and I didn’t have to type in a thing! It just knows!

Hopefully we’ll see the launch (and integration) of Home sometime this year and these little badges will start displaying more timely details like games played, trophies earned, and maybe even our virtual Home personas. For now though, can we please get some more user icons? I’m down to a skateboarding ninja for God’s sake! Not really how I’d like to portray myself anywhere online.

Alien Resurrection (1998)

I always appreciate at least a glimpse of the advertised product. But I remember the time leading up to the movie and the game’s release that excitement was high enough that iconic imagery was enough.

Part of our gaming propaganda set on Flickr, BUY!PLAY.
Scans and photos of advertisements, press releases, one sheets, fact sheets, packaging, promotional junk, and anything else I have amassed over my years of being a gaming packrat.