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Good Karma, Bad Game: The Music of Super Bombad Racing

Because nobody asked — no, wait — because one person asked, here is the entire soundtrack from one of the most maligned Star Wars games in existence: Super Bombad Racing. I bought it just over a year ago to see if its soundtrack offered any fun remixes of Star Wars themes for a feature I wrote on Original Sound Version. Turns out, it doesn’t.

But I am nothing but a conduit: passing something I have (and don’t necessarily love) onto someone who wants it. I’m like a Video Game Buddhist, or at the least I’m paying it forward for my fellow gamers in search of obscure coverage.

Who’s next? What do you want to see or hear? If I’ve got it or can get ahold of it I’d love to do some more requests. Bonus points if you pick a game that happens to be on my growing backlog.

Over a decade later and these things STILL cost too much!

Target is finally closing out some PlayStation 2 products and these once-$30 Memory Cards still seem too expensive at only ten bucks. I don’t miss memory cards as an overpriced accessory but having come to store all my Xbox 360 saves on a USB drive I do love the convenience of having all my saves and profiles at hand.

GameLuVideo: Ridin’ low with Lowrider on PlayStation2

It’s done! I am officially the King of Low. I can hoppy-hop and shakey-wakey with the best of the lowridin’ low-stars and I completely and fully understsand and appreciate the lowrider culture now! How did I transcend my Caucasian upbringing to become the most respected and beloved lowrider? Like the Dead Sea Scrolls that have informed the faith of countless believers since their discovery, Lowrider is like a lost artifact that holds untold wisdom and insight into the lowrider scene.

Ok, I can’t keep this up any longer without laughing. Lowrider, the game, is probably the farthest thing from authentic when it comes to video games based on a cultural movement. Beyond the FMV scenes and the very core of the gameplay, everything in Lowrider looks and sounds like the developers had the best of intentions but not the most time or money to pull it off.

It’s not quite as offensive as, say, B.D. Joe from Crazy Taxi but I can’t imagine that real-life lowrider shows are played out at baseball stadiums with fans lovingly throwing trash and commentators who declare “it sucks” even when balloons and doves come flying out of a car that is wildly spinning its quarter panels. For the total $7 I paid for it, Lowrider was a surprisingly playable and entertaining game that I passed on at full price in 2003. It makes for a great look back at the all-but-lost sub-genre: Japanese games that lovingly get everything all wrong. See it all in action — doves included — in the video.

Machete + Twitter = PlayStation 2 games!

Ever late to the party, I just recently watched Robert Rodriguez’s fantasy/violence/grindhouse/ole-ole-ole flick, Machete. Towards the end the “heroes” come rolling onto the scene in lowriders with hydraulics and turbo chargers that turn out to be missile launchers. There’s even a scene of extreme hydro-violence where a car hops up and smashes down on a vigilante border guard, splattering him all over the pavement. In the span of these scenes my memory randomly whirred into action and asked: do people even still put hydraulics in their cars?

The answer is irrelevant because that lone neuron took another u-turn which led to Twitter where @PeterSkerritt has been chronicling his PlayStation 2 finds lately. The hydros and the tweets collided and by the time the movie ended I was e-mailing a random Amazon seller to find out if their copy of Lowrider included a case or not. Seven dollars later the game I once followed through development and localization at qWirkGames.com was finally mine. I rented it around the time of its release but never gave it much of a chance. I was planning on picking it up cheap and in pristine condition after no one rented it and it was sold off but… I just never did.

And now we’re at the awkward part of this post I’ve been dreading. I still haven’t played the game! This is where I would’ve had a video or some kind of impressions but I admit I have yet to load Lowrider up. I’ll get to it one of these days, I promise, and you’ll hear more about it than you probably ever thought you would in 2011.


Happy Fourth of July from Videogame Vacation, GameLuv & Fantavision!

A holiday tradition for me, I’ve played through Fantavision every Fourth of July since I finally picked the game up in 2004. This year I had the capture hardware to share it with you guys and so here’s a 4+ minute video that highlights each of the game’s eight stages set to one of the songs from its soundtrack.

There’s a lot more to see as the retro-future, FMV girl goes on a journey from Earth to visit her friends across the universe (!!) but that’ll have to wait for another video. Happy holiday to everyone, no matter if you’re celebrating Freedom, food, fireworks or just video games. Thanks for watching!