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E3 2015: The PlayStation 4 finally has a media player

Amidst the game reveals at Sony’s press conference they also announced that the long-overdue PlayStation 4 media player was finally available. As someone who regularly has videos downloaded to a flash drive and enjoys mixing game audio with Spotify music, I was clearly in the target demographic. I expected to do a video of the media player but it’s pretty cut and dry so I’ll just type up a bit here. I will point out that the player supports USB devices as well as network sharing but I don’t have any network stuff going on at home so my experience is solely related to USB.


Music (supports: MP3, AAC)
For starters, all music has to be in a folder on the USB drive titled ‘music’ and the app only displays files in a single list of filenames and folder titles. There’s also no concept of sorting, filtering or creating playlists; you can only mark songs as Favorites. Not ideal for anyone hoping to navigate a large music collection during gameplay.

At least album art is supported so you’ll see those in the app and in the pop-up display where you can quickly change tracks and adjust the volume, just like when using Spotify. There are no visualizers, however, which is sad because the PlayStation 3 had a handful of real pretty screensavers.

It’s a barebones presentation (thankfully the standard playback controls and shuffle/repeat options are included) that seems designed only to get your music started and then live in the background as you play, chat or use other apps. A little more pizazz wouldn’t be bad but after such a long wait for the app I’ll take anything.


Video (supports: MKV, AVI, MP4, MPEG-2 TS)
This is what I was really excited about as the PlayStation 3 always did a great job of handling video playback. Like the music side, the options are slim here and the files have to be stored in a ‘videos’ folder on the USB drive. Also like the music player you get a simple listing of filenames and folders and you can hit Start on a title (video or audio) to view the file size, format, codec and other details.

Playback controls include all the usual stuff with shoulder buttons controlling next/previous and fast forward/reverse. Press Triangle to view a simple timeline or hit Start during playback to bring up the control display. Sadly it’s missing the breadth of options (subtitle, audio track, picture adjustment) from the PlayStation 3 but you, uhh, can rotate the video by 90 degrees which might be handy if you’ve got a lot of clips shot from a phone. One handy feature I wasn’t expecting is playback resume. Start a video, hop out and then load it up again and it’ll resume right where you left off.

Pictures (supports: JPG, BMP, PNG)
There’s a picture viewer. It is very simple. You can view pictures with it. It has a slideshow and very few options. Does anyone view downloaded images on a console? Anyways, there’s a picture viewer but for whatever reason you still can’t view your in-game screenshots here.

So just download it already
It’s totally great for a free app even if it is the most basic of offerings. It won’t replace feature rich PC software like VLC or PotPlayer but for getting music and video up quickly on your TV it works just fine. It’s also free and a pretty small download so there’s not much to I can really complain about in the end.

P.S. Here’s Sony’s blog post about the player and their help page with more details on supported formats

My Vita has returned from Japan

I made the Vita think it was in Japan recently so I could play a couple demos and check out some free stuff. I made a couple of videos to document what I found including an extensive look at AKB1/149 Box, the crazy AR photo hunt game that Katy graciously tried to keep in frame as I ran around the kitchen.

Oh hey! I’m doing a new playthrough series

I’ve spent a couple of days getting my production pipeline in order and trying to finally ditch my SingStar microphones (it didn’t happen) and am ready to start posting my new playthrough series. What’s the game? It’s R-Type Command on PSP! I’ve been thinking about replaying it a lot lately and figured if I was going to do it, why not hook it up to the TV and share the embarrassment with the Internet for posterity? Here’s Episode 00 in which I remember what the hell this game even is. I’ll try to do a new one once a week as the missions aren’t terribly long but there sure are a lot of them.

Konami’s Pre-E3 Show: Like Live Action Press Releases

I didn’t stay up late last night to watch Konami’s Pre-E3 show “live” but having just sat through the stream I can tell you that even the shallow, toss-and-turny sleep I got in its place was more enjoyable. I thought the rooftop introduction from cyberCEO Tomoyuki Tsuboi was going to set up a great show of awkward green screen CG but after his hologram fades out it’s mostly cut and dry live action press releases.

Konami has opened a mobile/social office in San Francisco to make Facebook games and team up with Zynga. There’s a lot of Frogger on Facebook and while Frogger Pinball looked mildly interesting it was counterbalanced by the big, hot news of “Frogger Classic” being available on the Chrome Web Store… since January.  Then we moved on to Pro Evolution Soccer news.

Finally Hideo Kojima showed up to narrate the majority of the show as he talked about Zone of the Enders HD Collection, Metal Gear’s 25th anniversary and a handful of Metal Gear HD collections that are already out. This all served as a segued into the first in-game look at the new Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

If you were sad about how poorly Ninja Gaiden 3 turned out you can rest assured it was all PlatinumGames’ fault. From the looks of Revengeance they have sucked Hayabusa’s soul out of Tecmo’s hands and cybernetically installed it into Raiden. Or think of it as Bayonetta with a dude… a girly dude. C’mon, he’s still pretty girly looking even with the robo-jaw. The action looks great and fast and Raiden can even wield weapons other than his katana. A staff is shown whirlwinding its way through enemies and at one point he unleashes an RPG on a tank. Not very electro-ninja of him but you can’t simply cut everything into pieces all the time. That trademark slow-mo chopping looks as satisfying as ever too, I just hope they aren’t too stingy on when and where you can use it. The trailer proudly declares “early 2013” but I wouldn’t be surprised if it slips into “Summer 2013” territory before it’s finally out.

Mega 64 makes their return this year feeling very vestigial. There’s no Transfarring madness tied into their appearance, just a mildly funny series of Raiden gags and a great appearance by Jehuty. It’s like they’re only there because they were there last year. And then the show is closed out by a CG trailer for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 which I’m not at all excited about. There’s a brief tease for the 3DS Castlevania that leaked out weeks ago which will be officially revealed on June 5th at E3 proper.

I was pretty bummed there was no new Rhythm Party/DDR/music game news or any mention of Contra that they teased at the end of last year’s show but they do promise more news and reveals throughout E3. You can watch the whole show here (it’s only 32 minutes long) but really the trailers for Zone of the Enders, Revengeance and Lords of Shadows are probably all you’re really interested in and have probably already seen.