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Konami’s Pre-E3 Show: Like Live Action Press Releases

I didn’t stay up late last night to watch Konami’s Pre-E3 show “live” but having just sat through the stream I can tell you that even the shallow, toss-and-turny sleep I got in its place was more enjoyable. I thought the rooftop introduction from cyberCEO Tomoyuki Tsuboi was going to set up a great show of awkward green screen CG but after his hologram fades out it’s mostly cut and dry live action press releases.

Konami has opened a mobile/social office in San Francisco to make Facebook games and team up with Zynga. There’s a lot of Frogger on Facebook and while Frogger Pinball looked mildly interesting it was counterbalanced by the big, hot news of “Frogger Classic” being available on the Chrome Web Store… since January.  Then we moved on to Pro Evolution Soccer news.

Finally Hideo Kojima showed up to narrate the majority of the show as he talked about Zone of the Enders HD Collection, Metal Gear’s 25th anniversary and a handful of Metal Gear HD collections that are already out. This all served as a segued into the first in-game look at the new Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

If you were sad about how poorly Ninja Gaiden 3 turned out you can rest assured it was all PlatinumGames’ fault. From the looks of Revengeance they have sucked Hayabusa’s soul out of Tecmo’s hands and cybernetically installed it into Raiden. Or think of it as Bayonetta with a dude… a girly dude. C’mon, he’s still pretty girly looking even with the robo-jaw. The action looks great and fast and Raiden can even wield weapons other than his katana. A staff is shown whirlwinding its way through enemies and at one point he unleashes an RPG on a tank. Not very electro-ninja of him but you can’t simply cut everything into pieces all the time. That trademark slow-mo chopping looks as satisfying as ever too, I just hope they aren’t too stingy on when and where you can use it. The trailer proudly declares “early 2013” but I wouldn’t be surprised if it slips into “Summer 2013” territory before it’s finally out.

Mega 64 makes their return this year feeling very vestigial. There’s no Transfarring madness tied into their appearance, just a mildly funny series of Raiden gags and a great appearance by Jehuty. It’s like they’re only there because they were there last year. And then the show is closed out by a CG trailer for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 which I’m not at all excited about. There’s a brief tease for the 3DS Castlevania that leaked out weeks ago which will be officially revealed on June 5th at E3 proper.

I was pretty bummed there was no new Rhythm Party/DDR/music game news or any mention of Contra that they teased at the end of last year’s show but they do promise more news and reveals throughout E3. You can watch the whole show here (it’s only 32 minutes long) but really the trailers for Zone of the Enders, Revengeance and Lords of Shadows are probably all you’re really interested in and have probably already seen.

Another 40 Minutes with Dinosaur Hunting!

Ok, not really. I had forgotten that my original video production was never posted here! A courteous offering to a former site, the page there has gone dead and so now the whole 40 minute playthrough is up on Youtube and, conveniently enough, right here! Watch it, Favorite it, Like it if you would. My original post has garnered some discussion and it also links right to the episode of The GameLuv Show where I first talked about the game so check that out too if tranquilizing raptors with a shotgun is of further interest to you.

With capture hardware finally in my possession I promise I’ll eventually get around to playing through the game again and doing a proper and complete video presentation. For now, here’s my camera pointed at the TV with direct feed audio and narration.

GameLuVideo: Ridin’ low with Lowrider on PlayStation2

It’s done! I am officially the King of Low. I can hoppy-hop and shakey-wakey with the best of the lowridin’ low-stars and I completely and fully understsand and appreciate the lowrider culture now! How did I transcend my Caucasian upbringing to become the most respected and beloved lowrider? Like the Dead Sea Scrolls that have informed the faith of countless believers since their discovery, Lowrider is like a lost artifact that holds untold wisdom and insight into the lowrider scene.

Ok, I can’t keep this up any longer without laughing. Lowrider, the game, is probably the farthest thing from authentic when it comes to video games based on a cultural movement. Beyond the FMV scenes and the very core of the gameplay, everything in Lowrider looks and sounds like the developers had the best of intentions but not the most time or money to pull it off.

It’s not quite as offensive as, say, B.D. Joe from Crazy Taxi but I can’t imagine that real-life lowrider shows are played out at baseball stadiums with fans lovingly throwing trash and commentators who declare “it sucks” even when balloons and doves come flying out of a car that is wildly spinning its quarter panels. For the total $7 I paid for it, Lowrider was a surprisingly playable and entertaining game that I passed on at full price in 2003. It makes for a great look back at the all-but-lost sub-genre: Japanese games that lovingly get everything all wrong. See it all in action — doves included — in the video.

GameLuVideo: Fully Fantavision Playthrough

After more weeks of finding time to render, render, render and days to upload, I’ve finally gotten the full Fantavision experience online! I wound up having to cut the massive 5 gigabyte original into two lesser-quality chunks but I think it still looks plenty watchable. Here’s the first installment, complete with wacky retro/future FMV cutscenes and the first four stages. Click the link at the end or follow through to YouTube for the second part.

GameLuVideo: The Adventures of Shuggy (XBLA)

It’s our first ever feature video presentation! Haphazardly dubbed a GameLuVideo, it’s the name that will accompany the myriad of things I plan on posting; playthroughs, “quick look” style videos, glitches, easter eggs, and any other random video I capture and produce.

This first one is a 20-minute look at The Adventures of Shuggy, the once-mysterious Xbox Live Arcade game that was finally released back on June 15th. It’s a clever mix of cerebral Portal-ish puzzling with Super Meat Boy style gameplay and I kinda love it. Flip the HD switch, let it buffer (because YouTube gets slower by the day it seems), and enjoy!